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Better than they look spindles

Well they look a bit rough don't they. We were called out to a job last week where a large old house had been torched and was about to be demolished and we were given 2 days to clear it before it was to be pushed over-subject to the owners accepting our quote.
Well, we worked like dogs me and Hazel while Suzanne manned the fort, or womaned the fort or whatever the correct phrase should be. Fireplaces, doors, units etc were all saved, and right at the end I broke out the spindles, gingerly hammering the edges off the stone steps to free them, it never feels good breaking the edges off the steps you're standing on, especially when the building is full of holes-one of the marble fires was totally shattered by the heat. Anyway, what you're seeing here is really nothing more than blistered paint, so they are actually easier to strip, and they are fine underneath, and they are about the most common/desirable spindle we get, and there are 59 of them.
Not a single one got broken.

Ref: 2339

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