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Oak double doors

About a year ago we cleared out the building where we used to buy a lot of our chemicals in Edinburgh as it had been sold and was to be demolished, but we couldn't take the doors as they were classed as fittings and so we thought that they were destined to be lost when the building came down, but no. passing by one day we saw the demolition starting, and by a company we get on well with, so we were able to buy the doors to live on for another day.
We have 2 pairs (one is painted white) but they are oak (I'd have to check the painted ones) and have these great chrome grille things on the windows and some of the original chrome handles. There were lots of chrome fittings in the building, which was from about 1920, maybe it was to do with the use of chemicals or maybe it was from when the place used to be a laundry. Total sizes are about 77 inches by 44

Ref: 2327

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