Small pine surround with arched insert Fireplaces, Ref: 2228


Details of Victorian Fireplaces

Small pine surround with arched insert

About as small as you will get while still having the standard chunky legs. ( you do see skinnier surrounds but the legs are little more than strips of mouldings). It actually came from Dumfries, along with another one and is shown here before we've sanded it down, sealed and waxed it. The shelf has rather odd projections, which we will probably cut off, which would have stuck back into the wall, presumably into the lathe and plaster as a crude kind of fixing.
Shown with a small arched insert dating from the late Georgian period.

Ref: 2228


Height and Width: 104.1 cm's by 132.1 cm's
(41'' by 52'')

Inset Height and Width: 81.3 cm's by 73.7 cm's
(32'' by 29'')

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