leaded glass from a church window Leaded and Painted Glass, Ref: 2150


Details of Victorian Leaded and Painted Glass

leaded glass from a church window

We have quite a number of these in various states (though we have a whole bucket of spares from a window which we broke up). Lovely windows which originally came from a church in Kilmarnock that was converted into flats, quite a grand church where I believe, Johnny Walker of whiskey fame worshipped. There are 2 main types, one of which has a central plant motif which can only be used in a landscape profile (the main pic) and the majority which have a stylised foliate motif which can be used in a landscape or portrait manner (the dark, poor quality pic). They measure 29.5 inches by 49.25, though they could easily be trimmed as the border consists of several narrow bands.

Ref: 2150

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