Very long very heavy benches Furniture, Ref: 2136


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Very long very heavy benches

These stuck out of the back of my van a long way, and thats after I'd cut them in half. Amazing rustic benches that could be put back to back to make a giant kitchen island. Hugely thick top and legs. They've seen a lot of use and the top is pretty worn, or full of character as we like to say. Sadly not all the little doors are there, but after a hundred years of use its a miracle there are any left at all. Now for the sizes.. the longest one is a good 4 metres long ( and comprises 3 sections, so's to speak) and the other is a mere 3.5 metres and 76 inches wide by 77 tall, and I apologise for giving a combination of imperial and metric sizes.

Ref: 2136

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