Nicer than the norm front door , Ref: 2124


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Nicer than the norm front door

Someone said that you can buy a new door cheaper than some of ours once, but when you see a door like this? We only get 3 or 4 front doors of this quality a year so there are very few of them about. Good condition, with its ironmongery, hand painted glass. Its just plain lovely-and its something you'll look at every day.
It should be noted that, especially with the door section, we only put up the images to show folk the sort of stuff we get in, things like this sell pretty fast but we like to keep the image live for people to see, but just because its on the website doesn't mean we still have it so do please get in touch before travelling to us. We have hundreds of doors, its just that they aint all like this and I sure as hell aint photographing every door in the warehouse!
It measures ( in old money ) 82 3/4 inches by 33 3/4

Ref: 2124

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