Arts and crafts surround Fireplaces, Ref: 2119


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Arts and crafts surround

One of my fave fires at the moment, from a cottage north of Glasgow soon to be demolished and one of 3 surrounds from the job (one already sold and the other a bit different). Its made of Douglas fir so would strip to be a fairly dark wood but a really very nice surround what with its heart motifs and full height legs. Its shown with a tiled insert from a different job which is shown elsewhere on the site and which is STILL waiting for me to take it to the blacksmiths to get some front bars made.

Ref: 2119


Height and Width: 139.7 cm's by 144.8 cm's
(54'' by 57'')

Inset Height and Width: 96.5 cm's by 96.5 cm's
(38'' by 38'')

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