big kitchen unit Furniture, Ref: 1916


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big kitchen unit

We had to cancel a job down in Kilmarnock last week due to the bad weather and thought we'd missed the job where we got this, along with a couple of van loads of other bits. But they held off pulling the building down for a day so we could do our thing and this was the last thing to come out before the building was felled-and it was a tight squeeze.
Great pine unit seen here before we've re-done the cornice, measuring 87.75 wide by 24 deep and with a base thats 30 inches high and a top thats 61.5. It was wedged into an alcove so the ends are 'blind' and alas one of the cupboard doors is missing but its a good sturdy thing with a decent plank backing.
It should probably always be painted as the panels in the base units drawers are ply.

Ref: 1916

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