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oak pews

One of our latest batch of pews, fresh from sunny Coatbridge-sorry, my mistake, cold and wet Coatbridge(well it is december)
These came from a lovely little church dating to about 1930 and are oak. As we got them they are fairly dark but the one shown has been stripped and had its opposite end put on (they were all single ended when we bought them). They are all 76 inches long and there isn't much we can do with regards to shortening them due to the panelled backs, though we could make them up to be one panel long (40 inches) but this would mean that one of the vertical spars on the back would be a bit wider than the other-wouldn't bother me much, but you might be able to see from the pics that the middle vertical spar in slimmer than the end ones.
We have over 20 of these and they all come with lovely old brass numbers.

Ref: 1884

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