Pine surround , Ref: 2463


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Pine surround

We may already have a pic of these fires on the website, so apologies if its all a repetition, but we had 3 of these rather elegant fires (2 complete with overmantel mirrors). Very nice with their little columns etc and not too big either. Having dipped one of these before I'm not sure what type of wood it is, I think its pine, its certainly that colour, but there isn't much graining to the wood, so its possibly some kind of fruit wood?
Shown with a typical late Georgian/Victorian arched insert.

Ref: 2463


Height and Width: 132.1 cm's by 152.4 cm's
(52'' by 60'')

Inset Height and Width: 94 cm's by 91.4 cm's
(37'' by 36'')

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  • View of Surround with pillars
  • View of Surround with pillars