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Unusual tiled insert

We bought about 8 of these some time ago from a large Victorian school in Greenock that was being pulled down, All with large stone surrounds and all, alas with quite a lot of damage to the tiles. Except this one! They've been a challenge to restore but they are definitely worth it, we've had this one extended so that it can fit into a large surround, though the opening is only just over 14 inches. The tiles are 8 inches sq which is unusual. In case anyone is interested, we've been having to try to remove the tiles from the damaged ones in order to make up sets, and with the ones sacrificing their tiles, we're inserting metal sheets so that they look like standard square inserts, but with the fire shown we haven't done anything to the tiles at all.
NOTE For some reason I cannot type in the correct size of the insert in the section below, but the overall dimensions are 42 inches sq.
This one's now been sold but we have another couple waiting to be restored with the same tiles.

Ref: 2427


Inset Height and Width: 100 cm's by 100 cm's
(393/8'' by 393/8'')

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