Carnoustie fire surround , Ref: 2279


Details of Carnoustie fire surround

Carnoustie fire surround

One of several fire surrounds we bought from a demolition in Carnoustie a while back, all ever so slightly different, and all surprisingly hard to remove. The one shown was the unlucky first one to be removed and suffered from having been fixed with hidden nails through the facia, which caused it to split. We've re -built the thing and now its looking pretty good, but we are selling it a bit cheaper to take this into consideration (see pic of the damaged area). They are an attractive design and date to about 1890.
The way they were originally constructed has meant that we have had to brace the legs in order to display them, but when being fitted, the braces can be removed and the legs fixed onto the wall.
Yellow pine.
Alas all but 2 out of about 10 of these fires had the cast insert removed and cemented up, and one of the survivors had lost its canopy which is kind of terminal as they are so specific.
Shown with a Georgian arched insert we bought recently in Edinburgh still awaiting to get cleaned up and have its front bars fitted.

Ref: 2279


Height and Width: 137.2 cm's by 137.2 cm's
(54'' by 54'')

Inset Height and Width: 96.5 cm's by 96.5 cm's
(38'' by 38'')

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