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Almost lost this one, it had to be left on a job as we couldn't get it past some more recently installed machinery and the building was about to be knocked down, but thanks to a decent demolition mob, they hauled it out the morning the building was crashed, having dragged the machine out of a specially created hole in the wall.
And I'm glad as I really like these old display units, covered as they are in signs of a varied life. Guess this was from a clothing shop, but its ended up as a mechanics store. This is very much an 'as is' pic, warts and all, and at some time a sliding glass door has gone missing ( I think it best to remove the other one ) and a couple of drawers have gone-officially 2 1/2 drawers.
Its 60 inches wide, 80 high and 25 deep, though this will change a bit as we sort to a cornice etc.

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