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Details of Victorian Fireplaces

Been waiting patiently for a while for its chance to be restored this one. From a large council building near Falkirk which was the subject of a rush demolition job, so we had to drop everything to nash up and see it (but these are often the most exciting jobs). Dating to about 1870.
Its a shame that while checking the building for asbestos, they smashed the top panel which we've had to replace with only a tiny nick to the beading to show it was ever different.
There was no asbestos, and if I sound narked, I'm glad they checked and there was none, I just wish they didn't check by just hitting things to see whats behind, after all, if there was anything dodgy behind, a smack with a hammer is just going to release it into the atmosphere.

Ref: 2590


Height and Width: 142.2 cm's by 172.7 cm's
(56'' by 68'')

Inset Height and Width: 96.5 cm's by 96.5 cm's
(38'' by 38'')

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  • View of Panelled pine surround
  • View of Panelled pine surround
  • View of Panelled pine surround