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Details of Victorian Fireplaces

Lovely marble fire from the south side of Glasgow-Govanhill if I remember correctly. Nice edge to the shelf and in really great shape apart from the fact that where there should be 3 small roundels at the top of each leg, each side has lost one roundel, and in a different position on each side. It would be easy enough to either remove them all, or to shuffle them around so that there is symmetry again, but it would leave a little mark and it might be best to simply leave it as it is.
From the 1880's

Ref: 2460


Height and Width: 127 cm's by 177.8 cm's
(50'' by 70'')

Inset Height and Width: 100 cm's by 100 cm's
(393/8'' by 393/8'')

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  • View of Dark grey fleck marble surround
  • View of Dark grey fleck marble surround