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This is a hand coloured pattern that was used in the design process of manufacturing lace. People would colour these in using specific colours and these were then used to set up the machines to make the actual fabric. We got them from an old lace factory in Ayrshire who we've had dealings with over the last few years, and these were considered to be obsolete designs or duplicates (they seem to come from 3 separate factories including one in that other great lace making centre, Nottingham).
Stunning reminders of an almost vanished industry, and only just rescued from being destroyed.
Pattern no. 9243 approximately 73.5cm by 66cm. There's a small hole at the centre & some nibbling etc to the outer edge. Also a Lace Textile Designers Stamp in the top left hand corner. It's hand coloured with a bold floral design in blue, green and red. These are lovely looking things, great in a frame or just pinned up to admire.

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