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Details of Early Georgian Fireplaces

The 3rd out of 4 original pine and gesso surrounds that we recently bought from a storage unit where they've lain for many years having originally come from Queen St in Edinburghs new town (apparently). Whilst in its original condition, there's no denying that this one could do with a bit of TLC. As they were always meant to be painted, they were sometimes constructed in slightly unusual ways, and this one has been made in such a way that there is a join right in the centre of the facia and shelf-not a problem when all smoothly sanded and painted, but having been removed from the wall, carted here and there and then leant up against a wall for some years, the joins are very obvious. That said, its 100% original and when re painted (assuming you don't mind the fact that its already quite heavily painted) then you've got an original 250 year old fire surround from the heart of edinburgh.

Ref: 2097


Height and Width: 134.6 cm's by 154.9 cm's
(53'' by 61'')

Inset Height and Width: 100 cm's by 100 cm's
(393/8'' by 393/8'')

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  • View of Pine and gesso surround
  • View of Pine and gesso surround
  • View of Pine and gesso surround