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more pitch pine spindles

Ref: 1644

13 of these at a min of 30 inches tall...

quarriers spindles

Ref: 1643

We have 27 of these pitch pine spindles which came from the old church in Quarriers village, by Bridge of Weir. If cut straight, they are 24 inches high....

slim stripped spindles

Ref: 1642

Only 9 of these rather slender spindles which came from Edinburgh.Min 30 inches high....

Byers road spindles

Ref: 1641

We have 37 of these lovely spindles with carved flowers on which appear to be some type of hardwood, teak perhaps?.We bought them after a fire devastated the property. They are 26.5 inches tall (24.5 ...

Ol Kilpatrick spindles

Ref: 1640

We have 16 of these from an old church building in OldKilpatrick. One of my favourite spindles, pitch pine and if trimmed to be straight cut, varying in length from 33 to 36" tall....

barley twist spindles

Ref: 1639

pitch pine spindles that came from a church in Fife. All are cut straight and are 31.5 inches tall. The main block is 2" across. Dating from the 1850's...

pitch pine spindles

Ref: 1638

We have 29 of these from a house that was demolished in Caldercruix a while back. If you were to cut off the angled bits you would end up with a height of 27". The main blocks are 3 inches wide, so th...

Very Decorative double Width Spindles

Ref: 1603

We have 12of these cast iron spindles which are between 35 and 37 inches long. about as decorative as you will get and being double the width of most spindles, you dont need to use so many. We were to...

cast iron spindles

Ref: 1505

The trouble we went to in order to get these. They are between 33.5 and 36 inches tall and we have 24 available. For those who are interested, they came from an old church in Parkhead in...

cast iron spindles

Ref: 1388

We have about 120 of these unusually chunky spindles in stock just now, with the possibility of getting another 100 or so in a few weeks. They came from a school built in the 1890's, and thats why the...

wooden balustrades

Ref: 1271

Pitch pine spindles from about 1870. 6 for a landing at 30 inches tall and 24 cut at an angle which are a bit shorter....

cast iron barleytwist spindles

Ref: 1253

We have about 90 of these from a tenement off the Royal Mile in Edinburgh. The bottom stair fixing bits have been leaded on but come off easily enough. Roughly 34 inches tall. They were removed...

cast iron spindle

Ref: 1238

Lovely old spindles from the very heart of Glasgow, which went with on of the other lots listed below. We only have 7 available at 37 inches tall. Some still have the old feet which have been leaded o...

cast iron spindle

Ref: 1235

Only 7 of these available, plus a couple of others that are close. Measuring 36 inches tall. Info correct as of 26/7/2011....

cast iron spindles

Ref: 1066

Rather nice and elegant these, and quite possibly Georgian. We only have 16 of them and they are 37 inches tall....

wooden spindles

Ref: 1045

Apologies if these are already on the site, but we have about 39 of these made from a wood which I don't recognize, a hardwood of some type.They are only 26 inches (min) high as they sat on a closed s...

wood spindles

Ref: 1044

we have 17 of these available at 30 inches tall. They are from about 1910 and I think they are Douglas Fir/Oregon Pine which is quite a dark wood....

cast iron spindles

Ref: 919

Taller than average spindles in a fetching pink colour. They are 45 inches tall and have been used internally but would be pretty good as outside spindles. I haven't counted them but my memory of unlo...

wooden spindles

Ref: 876

Good couple of runs of pitch pine spindles that came from a church near Bridge of Weir. There are 36 spindles available....


Ref: 812

General pic of some of our handrails. we generally only keep long straight lengths. some of them come with the nice ends which are called 'monkeys tails' or 'cats paws' depending on the design...

newel post

Ref: 794

2 good standard newel posts in pitch pine. One of them has a bit of its roundel missing. We have various other newel posts in which have'nt made it onto the website...

Cast Iron Spindles

Ref: 790

Fairly hefty spindles.29 available at between 36 and 43 inches tall. Info correct as of 20/6/13...

Cast Iron Spindles

Ref: 789

We got a lot of these from a church that was being pulled down in Greenock (I believe the front of the church was going to be shipped to America) There were 2 staircases so we have a lot of them. We h...

Cast iron newel posts

Ref: 788

As well as having lots of iron spindles, we also have a dozen or so newel posts which are basically extra chunky versions of the spindles. ...

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