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When we do our work in a church, we often obtain up to 20 or 30 pews of one style. We cut these roughly to length on site and are then able to re-attach the ends to whatever length is required (though this is sometimes dictated by the panel sizes on the backs.
They look great in hallways. I have one in my kitchen and the are always popular in cafes and pubs. Even Barter Books in Northumberland is kitted out with our pews.THIS STYLE NOW SOLD OUT

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Aberdeen pew

Ref: 2160

One of the nicest style of pew we've had for a while from one of the trickiest jobs. We have about 20 available which can be cut down to any length and either left in their original finish or stripped...

Stranraer pew

Ref: 2125

Not sure why but we never got around to putting a pic of this style of pew onto the website, but better late than never, though we only have a few short ones left, like this one, but they're very nice...

Chryston pews

Ref: 2100

Not a huge number of these pews available, a lot were retained by the parishioners, and quite right too. But we have half a dozen, including a really long one (that I'm not keen to strip!). They're a ...

Kilmarnock pews

Ref: 2077

We have quite a number of these that can be made up to any length (within reason). They are, I think, made of Cedar wood, which, I also believe isn't the same as the Cedar tree. all very confusing.

Dundee pew

Ref: 2053

We still have a few of this style left. We took them from a job we did in Dundee many years ago where the church was actually due for demolition and have just found we had a few tucked away at the bac...

Perth pews

Ref: 2029

Maybe not originally from Perth, but thats where we bought them from. They had been badly taken apart and re assembled when we got them ( we have about a dozen) so we are having to start from scratch ...

one off pew

Ref: 2028

We only have one of these available, from the dias of a small, but grand church near Cove. Its about 6ft long at the moment but could be cut smaller and has a very flat back, ideal for going up agains...

Wigtown pew

Ref: 2008

We have a few of these from a job we did a couple of years ago, but for some reason that definitely isn't human error, they never appeared on the website. They came from a lovely church down in Wigtow...

Dumfries pews

Ref: 1976

I never got around to putting this style of pew on the website, but these came from a church in Dumfries, a job we did last summer, and one of the nicest ones I've done for a while. Nice people, sunny...

Tiny pew

Ref: 1928

We have a few pews of this style which we can re-build to any length, in this case up to about 6 feet. They came from the old church which now isn't at Anniesland cross that came down last year.The pe...

Aberdonian pew

Ref: 1861

This ones been cut down to 28 inches but we have plenty more of this style which we can re-assemble to about 8 ft. This ones not been stripped yet, but its Douglas fir/Oregan pine and dates to the 192...

tall small pew

Ref: 1735

We had a couple of these from the balcony area of a church in Greenock and as they were in a stepped area, the ends are taller than normal. Shown here almost finished, we've cut it down to be a nice s...

yet another style of pew

Ref: 1725

We only have about 4 of this style of pew, all fairly short. They are yellow pine and came from a church in Dumbarton, though originally they came from up north. This is the first one we've re-assembl...

Shettleston pew

Ref: 1659

These yellow pine pews can be made up to any length to a max of 92 inches. from a church in the east end of the city. NB if enquiring about these pews, please quote the ref number as we have re...

Newarthill pew

Ref: 1658

These originally came from a church in either Blairgowrie or Braemar, I forget which, but they were moved to a church in Newarthill, near Motherwell back in the 1950's which must have been quite an un...

Partick pew

Ref: 1657

These came from a church we did last year in Partick (there is a short video of it all being stripped out in a speed frame style somewhere). we have a few of them left but can only make them up to one...

Paisley pew

Ref: 1656

We only have a couple of these now, which were on the raised platform near the pulpit, so a little grander than most. We haven't removed the carpet off the seats yet. We have one at 55 inches long and...

Anstruther pew

Ref: 1655

From a very pretty church in Fife, we can only re-assemble these in 2 sizes due to the panels in the back. So they can be either 39 inches long or 71. One or two of them have pictures of old sailing s...

Alloa pew

Ref: 1654

Good simple yellow pine pew from a church in Alloa. These ends tend to get referred to as 'tombstone' ends. this one is quite short, we've cut it down to be a 2 seater, but we can do these up to about...

Greenock pew

Ref: 1653

Example of a little pew we made up, though we can do them considerably longer. These came from a church in the centre of Greenock. It was this style that we kitted out the cafe in Barter books in Alnw...


Ref: 1548

We have half a dozen of these pews, all shortened, from a church in Dalry. They are pitch pine which means that we also have a fair amount of pitch pine planking for same. This pew, shown prior...

Fancy Pew

Ref: 1523

Really heavy (and difficult to photograph). One of 2 pitch pine pews we got from a church in alloa last year. This one is 105 inches long and has terrific chunky ends with fancy newel post ends. The t...

another batch of pews

Ref: 1482

Shown before we stripped it, here's a lovely little pew we made up. Its a heavy pitch pine and originally came from a church in Banchory, but all the pews were moved down to a post war church near Mot...

plaster virgin Mary

Ref: 1389

Plaster cast of Mary, 20 inches tall, made by what looks like 'RAFF & Co Paris'.NOW SOLD...

tiny pew

Ref: 1371

Shown stripped but prior to it being sanded and waxed, this style hail from Alloa and were painted a creamy colour. We only kept half a dozen of these as pews and the rest is being sold as timber, so ...

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