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Metal grilles

Ref: 2111

These old floor grilles came from a large house in Bearsden a while ago and all I can say is that there are about a dozen of them and they are all a different size AND some of them have a wider borde...


Ref: 2106

Quite a few of these in just now. Small(ish) big, step and leaning, clean or paint spattered...

Victorian Flagons

Ref: 2105

Rather sad, but these came from the loft space of where we used to buy a lot of our old chemicals on Gorgie road in Edinburgh which has now shut down, though in the interests of accuracy, their parent...

Iron gate post

Ref: 2090

Good old cast iron gate post for a gate with a peg fitting at the base measuring 60 inches tall from the base plate....

timber beams

Ref: 2056

Not our usual fare, but we've somehow ended up with these chunks of timber from an old warehouse that was recently pulled down round the corner from Central station. Various dimensions and lengths and...

huge saws

Ref: 1982

A few giant double handed saws we took in recently some with nice brass fittings....

odds and ends

Ref: 1981

We almost always have what we generally call 'stuff' down at the yard, things we come across which may be complete or they may just be attractive bits, but one way or another, they are things we consi...

ladders. ladders and more ladders

Ref: 1980

All the rage just now so I'm told. 4 sets of huge old wooden ladders here, fresh in from an old joiners shop, one even has lovely old fashioned writing down the sides from a painters and decorators in...

wooden pillows

Ref: 1977

Indeed, wooden pillows. These came from the cells in an old police station in Port Glasgow and date back to the time when your prisoners knew they'd done wrong when your bed was made of a wooden bench...

Metal Grille

Ref: 1921

We must have about 30 of these floor grilles which came from a church in sunny Irvine. Rather a nice church by what looks like rather a nice harbour. Anyway, they measure 7 inches by 50.5, so they're ...

Books & Tiles

Ref: 1826

Always a few odd thing at our work and at the moment we have quite a lot of old books-especially ones on poetry. also a few old tiles, the Victorian copies of old delft tiles....

Wooden Trunk

Ref: 1820


decorative metal panels

Ref: 1813

These would once have gone along the top of a roof, but they are the type of thing you sometimes see around the edges of front gardens. Only half the panels were salvageable and as they would once hav...

slate slabs

Ref: 1732

First of what promises to be a large batch of back breakingly heavy slabs of slate from disassembled snooker tables. These make perfect hearths for fires and stoves and can even be used for patios or ...

Stylish kitchen unit

Ref: 1726

Really bad picture, sorry, but this has the potential to be a really stunning unit. I reckon its from the 1950's, but it could easily be from the '30's. it has a polished stainless top and the rest of...


Ref: 1569

The first in what could be a very long list of images of some of the wooden moulds we recently bought. Some of the tea chests full of them, we haven't even looked at yet, but we have wooden augers, en...


Ref: 1568



Ref: 1567



Ref: 1564

Another great mould for part of a 'scot'engine. See the latest mould image for more blurb....


Ref: 1559

We have a large number of these wooden moulds, a small amount of which are making it onto our website. The most recently added image will have a better description....


Ref: 1558



Ref: 1557



Ref: 1556



Ref: 1555



Ref: 1554


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