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painted cherub glass

Ref: 1534

Listed as Victorian but from a church built in the 1820's. These would have been the tops of windows once but are really nice in their own rights. The church which had a listed frontage, removed these...

painted glass panels

Ref: 1533

Listed as Victorian but from a church built in the 1820's in paisley. We have 5 of these measuring 25.25 inches wide by 37.75 tall which we tought could look great in a vestibule or bathroom door....

painted glass panels

Ref: 1532

Listed as Victorian but from a church built in the 1820's in Paisley. We have 2 of these available (as of March) measuring 25.23 inches wide by 37.75 tall. We thought they would be nice in a door....

pairs of painted glass panels

Ref: 1531

Listed as Victorian but actually from a church built in the 1820's in Paisley. We have 9 pairs (and a spare) measuring 11 inches wide by 38 tall. They came from the side panes of windows but we though...

etched glass

Ref: 1309

We recently bought these windows from a house near Cathcart as we thought they might be usefull for vestibule doors or a screen or something. the pattern is the same on all of them, as is the height ,...

Ref: 1264

we have 2 of these(as of 14/10/11) measuring 19 inches wide by 23 tall. Like the next few images of glass, they came from a turn of the century house in the west end of Glasgow....

Ref: 1263

We have 3 of these (as of 14/10/11) measuring 19 inches wide by 21 tall....

leaded glass

Ref: 1262

We have 2 of these (as of 14/10/11), one of which is 37.5 inches wide by 30.5 tall and the other is 45 by 30.5....

Ref: 1261


leaded glass

Ref: 1260

we have 6 of these (as of 14/10/11) and they are 19 inches wide by 31 tall....

leaded glass

Ref: 1259

We have 2 of these (as of 14/10/11) and they are 19 inches wide by 30.5 tall....

painted glass

Ref: 1082

From a demolished porch, we have 4 of these left at 16 inches wide by 46 1/2 tall....

leaded glass

Ref: 1080

We have 2 of these available in good condition. each one is 42 1/2 wide and one is 28 inches tall and the other is 31 1/2 including the frames....

leaded glass

Ref: 1076

Pretty pieces of glass, probably from the 1920's or 30's. We have 4 @28 1/2 wide by 27 and one at 24 1/2 by 27 including the frames....

painted glass

Ref: 1013

We have about 6 of these which would have formed a glazed screen. They are all 15 3/4 wide by 46 1/2 tall. Very pretty but they could do with a clean....

leaded top sash

Ref: 1012

Very pretty piece of glass, and we still have a few left( I've been pretty bad at updating the site while children have been on holiday and so on). They are about 32 inches tall and either 31 or 49 in...

leaded top sash

Ref: 1010

Several of these at about 33inches wide by 18 tall....

leaded top sash

Ref: 1009

Several of these available at about 29 wide by 25 tall and 36 by 26 tall including the frames.Sorry the image is a bit blurry....

leaded glass

Ref: 935

really poor picture I'm afraid, but we have 4 or 5 of these in clear and delicate green shades in a rather art nouveau style. They are all in good condition and the frames are 23inches by 29...

Leaded glass

Ref: 903

narrow piece of glass. several available at 18inches by 28 including frame....

leaded glass

Ref: 902

Sorry about the image, I knew I wobbled when I took it. We have 3 or 4 of this pattern in various sizes....

leaded glass

Ref: 901

About 5 of these all more or less 30inches wide by 33 high (including frames) and in great condition....

Leaded glass

Ref: 882

People looking for leaded glass windows on the website must occasionally get frustrated that I dont put more on. We do have quite a lot more down here but the stock changes so fast and its a right job...

Ref: 870

We must have about 8 of these panels which have been removed from their frames. Most of them are undamaged and they are just over 2 feet sq....

Leaded window

Ref: 732

We have about 10 of these windows, roughly 26in wide by 29in tall, though some are larger. They feature a stylised flower bud....

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