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Dunfermline pew

Ref: 2230

Only a few of these, and only short ones at that. Some say plain, others call them simple, but we love them all and what gives this one an edge is the lovely enamel badge which you get on one end. The...

Lovely marble fire surround

Ref: 2229

Nicer than average, and also larger than most, this lovely surround came from a large house in Prestwick dating to the 1880's. Having the angled inner trim makes it a more delicate looking thing and i...

Small pine surround with arched insert

Ref: 2228

About as small as you will get while still having the standard chunky legs. ( you do see skinnier surrounds but the legs are little more than strips of mouldings). It actually came from Dumfries, alon...

Large early Victorian arched insert

Ref: 2226

Good early half round insert that we've had extended. This basically means that we've fitted a new flat plate to the front of the insert, cut around the detailing so that the overall sizes are bigger,...

Huge double partition doors

Ref: 2224

These came from a building in Edinburghs New Town and were originally dividers in a living room. The whole block was being 'upgraded' for some Chinese or Russian investors who took out all the doors a...

Angled enamel lights

Ref: 2223

11 of these nice enamel lights as of Jan 2017 from a local swimming pool now used solely by pigeons and teenage miscreants but soon to be fancy apartments. 15 inch diameter and yet to be fully cleaned...

Thistle glass

Ref: 2222

Attractive leaded windows from a house near Cambuslang dating to the turn of the century. We have 6 available as I type measuring between 42 inches wide by 31 tall and 38 wide by 33.5 tall including t...

The most popular style of cast spindle

Ref: 2221

Indeed. This is the style you see in so many buildings in Glasgow and Edinburgh and presumably in many other towns and cities, and yet its a style we don't get very often. Most of our stock of spindle...

Cast spindles

Ref: 2220

One of the more common types spindle you see, we have 28 of these (as of Jan 2017-so please get in touch to check availability). I refer to these as the 'jelly mould' pattern due to the central knobbl...

Organ bench

Ref: 2218

Good simple oak organ bench from an 1880s church in Glasgow. One small corner has been chopped off which is a shame, who knows why, but its a nice solid thing. Quite tall, as they always are, at 25 in...

Very large oak surround

Ref: 2215

Awful pics I'm afraid, not enough room in the warehouse to stand back and take the pic, and it was dark, but it'll do for now. This actually came from a Georgian/early Victorian flat in Edinburghs wes...

Oak surround

Ref: 2213

Good oak surround which we haven't got round to stripping yet, and it hardly seems worth it as the original finish is still so good. From a turn of the century house on the south side.The inside measu...

Cast iron roll top bath

Ref: 2211

We've more or less stopped taking cast iron baths in now, they're a bit heavy to get up stairs now middle age approaches and those who have been down to our yard will sympathise that we are pretty sho...

Decorative window radiators

Ref: 2210

We bought 4 of these just before christmas but it turns out that 2 of them will need a bit of TLC before we can get them up and running again (and one of them is going to have to sacrifice its legs fo...

Various new newel posts

Ref: 2209

Having had almost no newel posts, and having sent several off to London, we've suddenly done several jobs where there have been great newel posts which we were able to remove (often they have to be le...

Alexandria pews

Ref: 2207

About 20 of these yellow pine pews available which can be made up to any size ( up to about 8ft ). At the moment they are painted a pale orange colour, but once stripped, you can see where the old num...

Cumnock pew

Ref: 2206

From a job we did at the tail end of the year, one of about a dozen pews we can make up, though most will be no bigger than 5 ft ( we have 4 longer ones left at 102 inches ). Pitch pine from the 1870'...

Butterfly glass

Ref: 2205

We have about a dozen of these in at the moment (jan 2017) but please give us a phone to check we still have them as, being a small company, we don't update the website daily-sometimes barely weekly.<...

Cove pew

Ref: 2204

We only have very short ones of these left (3 ft max) from a job we did a while back in Cove, up Argyll way, but for some reason they never made it onto the website. Quite a high pew and yellow pine.<...

New Dennistoun pews

Ref: 2203

Not new, but rather our latest batch from this part of Glasgow. This is a pic of one thats been cut down to a shorter size for someone, stripped, sealed and waxed. Yellow pine and there must be about ...

Church ministers chairs

Ref: 2202

Couple of Ministers chairs we bought in recently, one of which looks quite a bit older than the other, though both are pretty old. One has great carving behind the head rest, but could do with being r...

Metal grilles

Ref: 2201

Quite a few of these in just now, the larger ones were used as floor grilles in a church and measure 6 inches by 44.5, and there are 47 of them (as I type) and the smaller ones (photographed inside th...

Turquoise painted iron spindles

Ref: 2200

48 (as of Dec 2016) of these lovely cast spindles I took out of a church last week. The church, in central Glasgow was built in the 1880's. Pretty design and I rather like the colour (the handrail was...

Gold painted spindles

Ref: 2199

Last time I looked (Dec 2016) we had 39 of these left from a job we did down in Wemyss bay. Surprisingly heavy and measuring between 38 and 42 inches long. If reading this, please note that the site i...

Broon tiled combination fire

Ref: 2196

This fire has been my nemesis for a while now, and will be for a bit longer I fear. Its a great piece, dating to about 1910 but in order to get it sandblasted (it was thick with paint) I took all the ...

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