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Large mirrored pine fire surround

Ref: 2309

Impressive pine surround with its original mirror (which has a bit of foxing which just makes it look original to me). Great chunky corbels under the shelf and really nice and clean-thanks to a combin...

White marble fire surround

Ref: 2308

From an 1870's flat, this was actually in a bedroom, though the opening size is fairly large. Its a typical Victorian style and we're selling it a little bit cheaper than normal as it has a bit of dis...

Black marble fire surround

Ref: 2307

Nice black marble surround from the south side of Edinburgh dating to the late 1870's. Slightly more unusual in having the inner trim. worryingly, no tools were required to remove it as it pretty much...

foundry moulds, the tip of the iceberg

Ref: 2284

We are mid way through transporting a large number of these fascinating moulds from a thankfully still operating foundry who are having a bit of a clear out. I've not sorted them out quite yet so this...

Chunkier cast iron spindles

Ref: 2283

These will look a bit confusing when seen with the following listing as the images are the same (but we will sell them separately). They came from a stair where the chunkier spindles alternated...

Skinnier cast iron spindles

Ref: 2282

34 of these from a job we did earlier this week, a couple have the top lugs knocked off where I (alas, for it was indeed me feeling a bit tired) hit them with my hammer while knocking them out of the ...

Jellymould pattern cast spindles

Ref: 2281

Fairly commonly found design this, one we call the jelly mould due to the central design. We actually have more of these in the warehouse from a different job, but the proportions are ever so slightly...

Simple pine surround with arched insert

Ref: 2280

Lovely arched insert with an 19 inch opening (unusually big) that we've had extended to be 42 inches sq, really nice crisp pattern on it. The surround came from an 1860's house over in Dunoon which w...

Carnoustie fire surround

Ref: 2279

One of several fire surrounds we bought from a demolition in Carnoustie a while back, all ever so slightly different, and all surprisingly hard to remove. The one shown was the unlucky first one to be...

Old wooden joiners clamps

Ref: 2278

Not sure how many of these we have left as we bought them a couple of weeks ago, but lovely old tools these, turned wooden threaded spindles, a work of art really....

Retro lights

Ref: 2275

These should have been on the site a while ago, we've been storing them 'through the back', assuming there was a pic on the website, and I'll get a better image up over the next few days. We have quit...

Edinburgh pews

Ref: 2274

We have about a dozen of these pews available in various lengths (we cut them down to whatever size is wanted) which came from a church, now a theatre on Rose street in the heart of Edinburgh.We also ...

enamel stove

Ref: 2273

Really not sure how old this is, we hardly ever come across them. It has an aluminium badge on the reverse with various details on it so I assume its fairly new. Anyway, lovely looking stove with a to...

Unusual two tone fire surround

Ref: 2272

This was a surprise when it came back from being stripped, but I actually rather like it. We bought it from a flat just off Byers road where it was in a bedroom (its fairly small). Most of it is your ...

Deco wash hand basin

Ref: 2270

We generally have a few of these types in stock, so I don't often get around to photographing them all, but this is one of 4 matching ones we got recently, all in great shape and a decent size (25 inc...

Early, fancy radiators

Ref: 2269

My these were heavy! 62 inches long and 35 tall these two beauties came from a very grand house on the south side where, as a novelty invention in Victorian days, they sat on prominent display in prid...

Long low 'Princess' radiator

Ref: 2268

Bit of a challenge to get this one as it sat on a window ledge half way up a staircase where one end was at knee height and the other at head height, and it aint light. Cracking rad though, wit...

Lara grey enamel shades

Ref: 2267

Good job this one. A contractor we work with from time to time on demolitions was taking down a factory built in the late 1940's and found 120 of these boxed up in the basement. They had all been used...

Early hob fire with stone and pine surround

Ref: 2264

Well its taken an aeon to finish restoring this one, but at long last, victory. This is the fire you can see earlier on the web site as gas ref 1811, shown in situ, recently exposed but still partiall...

Oak fire surround

Ref: 2263

Very nice oak surround which we've just stripped (it was painted white) It came from a large house in Dennison and its a very well made piece with all sorts of curves etc which I'm told are relatively...

Servants indicator

Ref: 2261

We see these from time to time, this is a fairly typical example made by a Glasgow company for a house with 3 bedrooms. when a bell or button was rung, an electrical current made one of the little sta...


Ref: 2259

The first bellows we've ever had I think, and they look pretty old. So old in fact, they could do with having the leather re done but I think it must be quite unusual to see such old examples a...

Fruity combination

Ref: 2258

We've had this pattern a few times over the years, and its always proved to be popular. This is the one with a 16 inch opening, (you also get much smaller bedroom ones) and its covered with patterns a...


Ref: 2257

From a church and made of painted pine (to look like marble). This 3 columned pedestal measures 43 inches tall....

very nice pine surround

Ref: 2256

And it looked so forlorn when we bought it, with its shelf off, stored above a workshop in an old shed in Slammannan. Now its about the cleanest fire we have, and coming from a rather grand ho...

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