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White marble surround

Ref: 2583

Good sized white marble fire surround no longer painted pink, which if it could speak, it would be truly grateful for. It has a few surface scratches which I've tried to show on one of the clos...

Doble Belfast sink

Ref: 2582

Once or twice a year we get one of these in, we see them more often than this but if they're a bit old and battered they're very difficult to sell on, and anyone who has tried to move one will underst...

1950's kitchen sink

Ref: 2581

This 'LEISURE' kitchen unit is manufactured to British standard specifications. The cabinet is made from electrolytically zinc-coated steel sheets, and finished in a hard gloss stove baked enamel.

Early concrete bird bath

Ref: 2577

Well its a good 80 years old and has a figure of a mermaid gazing at a frog. Its a hard thing to take a decent pic of but there's a fair bit of detail on it. The mermaid is more infant like than the C...

Garden gates

Ref: 2576

Great pair of really heavy garden gates in great condition (one side needs to be re-pinned, thats all) in an art nouveau pattern. Alas a bit too narrow for a modern driveway, partly because mod...

Amazing art nouveau tiled insert

Ref: 2574

The sort of fire insert we only get once a year or so, and the type that has inspired so many inferior reproductions The pictures really don't do it justice, its just a very very nice insert.

Georgian insert

Ref: 2573

In very good condition, not burnt out at all which is unusual for something thats a couple of hundred years old. Typical Georgian foliate motifs and balloon back....

Grand mahogany fire surround

Ref: 2572

Good mahogany surround shown before we've done any cleaning up to it, from a house on Great western rd. For such a large piece, the opening sizes are fairly small. The inner surround comprises 3 piece...

Cheaper surround

Ref: 2571

Nice grand fire that we'd usually sell for quite a bit, but its a type of wood that doesn't strip well (American walnut?), something we can only find out once we've bought the thing and taken it off t...

Small folding tables

Ref: 2569

We have half a dozen of these nice old folding tables measuring 33.75 inches by 15.5. The tops lok to have been given a rather heavy sand and all the legs have flattened sides just to save that extra ...

Corner basin

Ref: 2568

Good old corner basin with no makers marks measuring 26 inches across (each edge is 19 inches long), Dating to the 1920's....

Monster double doors

Ref: 2567

REALLY heavy double doors from the front of a school in Edinburgh. Magnificent things although I can barely lift them. There is some damage where door closers have been fitted, where some mouldings ha...

Classic Shanks TREVOR pedestal basin

Ref: 2566

About the most stylish type of sink we see, the 'trevor', this one measuring 24 3/4 inches across, so quite a big one and with their classic, finely angled edges. Dating to about 1925-35....

Another style of reproduction pedestal basin

Ref: 2564

Like the ones listed below, we have a few of these from a large hotel currently being refurbished. These ones measure 27 1/2 inches across by 19 3/4 deep by 33 tall and being fairly new, they a...

Tiled insert

Ref: 2563

Very attractive tiled insert, and quite an early one, dating to about 1870. We've never seen this pattern of casting before, really very gothic. It came from a flat above a shop in Wishaw....

Large reproduction pedestal basin

Ref: 2562

One of quite a number of pedestal basins we recently bought from a large hotel that was being re furbished. We don't generally deal in report stuff, but these seemed to good to pass by, and what a was...

Fern pattern combination

Ref: 2559

Very pretty combination fire we bought from a house near Stirling a while ago. It has a 17 3/4 inch opening so would take a decent fire and the thing is made from 2 separate cast halves bolted togethe...

Etched glass double doors

Ref: 2558

Apparently these originally came from Jenners in Edinburgh. Lovely things with their original, very handsome brass bolts (alas the handles have disappeared over the years). Mahogany and they had pivot...

Huge oak fire surround

Ref: 2557

There is a very poor pic of this earlier on the website, and this one is far from perfect, its so big I can't stand far enough back to take a photo..Some of the mouldings have become a little loose, b...

Bedroom tied combination

Ref: 2555

This fire has only travelled a couple of miles from us and dates to about 1910-20. We had to have a new metal shelf made for it and blast off a few layers of white paint but thats all that was needed....

Etched glass vestibule door

Ref: 2554

A tricky thing to get a decent pic of, but it gives the general idea....

Restored tiny fire

Ref: 2553

This is how the tiny fire ( previous ref 2323 ) has turned out. As good as new, only better....

Attractive double doors

Ref: 2552

Lovely pair of double doors which originally lead onto a billiard room, though they look like the sort that might have lead into a conservatory. Alas missing the glass but luckily still with their han...

Workshop table

Ref: 2551

Good solid table from an old farm outbuilding in that hard-to-recreate old green colour. It has a metal covered upstaged on the back which is integral to the table. Its currently living outside...

Stewarton pew

Ref: 2549

We've finally had a chance to make one of these up, having bought them over a year ago. We can make them up to a length of about 6 ft and they're made of Douglas fir which is quite a dark wood, a bit ...

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