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Early hob fire with stone and pine surround

Ref: 2264

Well its taken an aeon to finish restoring this one, but at long last, victory. This is the fire you can see earlier on the web site as gas ref 1811, shown in situ, recently exposed but still partiall...

Oak fire surround

Ref: 2263

Very nice oak surround which we've just stripped (it was painted white) It came from a large house in Dennison and its a very well made piece with all sorts of curves etc which I'm told are relatively...

Large ish table

Ref: 2262

Shown just as we got it, and in need of a little cosmetic help, this lovely (potentially) table measures 65 inches long by 36 wide and is 29.5 tall. I think its made of Beech and as its been used in a...

Servants indicator

Ref: 2261

We see these from time to time, this is a fairly typical example made by a Glasgow company for a house with 3 bedrooms. when a bell or button was rung, an electrical current made one of the little sta...

Small barrel

Ref: 2260

Lovely little barrel, with a lid which came from Somerset originally, so I'm told. Its made from a hardwood and I suppose it would have been for cider?...


Ref: 2259

The first bellows we've ever had I think, and they look pretty old. So old in fact, they could do with having the leather re done but I think it must be quite unusual to see such old examples a...

Fruity combination

Ref: 2258

We've had this pattern a few times over the years, and its always proved to be popular. This is the one with a 16 inch opening, (you also get much smaller bedroom ones) and its covered with patterns a...


Ref: 2257

From a church and made of painted pine (to look like marble). This 3 columned pedestal measures 43 inches tall....

very nice pine surround

Ref: 2256

And it looked so forlorn when we bought it, with its shelf off, stored above a workshop in an old shed in Slammannan. Now its about the cleanest fire we have, and coming from a rather grand ho...


Ref: 2255

Not sure how to describe this, on the one hand its marvellously over the top and glitzy, and on the other, there are those who think it should, as a religious object, be treated with a certain respect...

Nicer than the norm pine fire surround

Ref: 2249

Such a crisply made surround. Best quality pine, clean as a whistle and not too big. This came from a job we did a while back in the Dowanhill area of Glasgow, so it will date to the 1880's...


Ref: 2248

Here's a selection of some of our latest hooks. Not the fanciest but I rather like the simplicity and I've seen them advertised in trade catalogues from the 1920's. We've stripped a length of each sor...

Sell but brightly painted doors

Ref: 2247

We have half a dozen of these tongue and groove doors which came from a Victorian school toilet block. Good vibrant colours and we bought them thinking that being quite small (about 58 inches tall) th...

Tiled combination fire

Ref: 2246

This is a style we see quite a lot in Glasgow, and this one has, at some stage had its tiles replaced with a set of reproduction tiles which are perfectly nice, but just not what we deal in, so we've ...

School clocks

Ref: 2245

I'd say these are from the '60's, and we have a few of them, mostly single sided, but a couple of double sided ones too. They would originally have been connected to a central operating machine (The M...

Reproduction pedestal basin

Ref: 2244

Well we don't generally take in reproduction items, but we were offered 3 of these from a council building undergoing a refurb and they are a nice style and in terrific condition, so it seemed daft to...

Red tiled fire insert

Ref: 2242

Good sized tiled insert with a growling lions head on the canopy, much in the style you see on the fronts of buildings. The tiles can be changed if necessary but I think they look quite 'strong' which...

Very large Belfast sinks

Ref: 2240

About a dozen of these in really very good shape measuring 3 feet by 2. Terrible to think of these going off to landfill, as that was to be their fate. Its just a shame that all the lathes, pillar dri...

Slate slabs

Ref: 2239

While we often have these in stock, its well worth phoning first to check availability. These are old bases from pool tables which lend themselves well as bases for stoves and fires, though we've also...

Garden edging

Ref: 2238

Spring is coming and so its good to get a bit of garden edging in stock. There's not much of this just now, 31 pieces at a foot long, though we still have a fair amount of the simpler stuff shown else...

Latest glass

Ref: 2237

11 pieces of this just in (Feb), all in pretty good shape from a house on the south side of Glasgow. Including the frames its all about 23.5 inches wide by 30 tall or 30 by 30. I'm generally ge...

? hand washer sink type things??

Ref: 2236

Well we don't know exactly how to describe these, we've certainly not seen anything quite like them before, and thats not something we say that often now. Made by that famous company 'Morrisons' of Gl...

Georgian cast iron spindles

Ref: 2235

29 of these (plus 2 broken ones) from a farmhouse in Fife. Good typical Georgian pattern and all roughly 37 inches tall. We also have the newel post but this of course is a different pattern....


Ref: 2234

We have a couple of these in at the moment, From a local school about to be converted into housing. Quite large at 88 inches wide by 49 tall, but while sturdily made, they're not too heavy. She...

Grand Georgian insert

Ref: 2231

One of the grandest fires we've had for a while, and one of the heaviest. From Edinburgh's New Town, it arrived without its back panel which we've replaced. In the pic you can see odd marks on the bac...

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