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Cumbrae pews

Ref: 2699

We removed these pews back in the summer but have only just had the time to make one of them up, and while this one has been sold, we have the bones to make up another 15 or so. Yellow pine and more c...

For above a door

Ref: 2698

Indeed, this came from above a door in a house towards Wishaw, Very pretty and dating to the 1870's. Just a bit of damage to the top corner where my hammer-hand missed whilst taking the thing out.

Bedroom combination fireplace

Ref: 2696

One of a couple of small fires we've recently restored which would look great as decorative features as they're so pretty. This one really just needs to be screwed to a wall (unless you did want to u...

Slimmer tiled combination fireplace

Ref: 2694

One of 2 matching fires we recently bought in Edinburgh from a flat dating to the 1880's. 14 1/2 inch opening. This one has now been sold but its matching partner is about to get restore...

Large Victorian mirror

Ref: 2690

Very large mirror with gesso work to the frame. I think the glass has been replaced at some time but you can tell from the reverse that its an old piece. The top detail has had a bit of a bash, but as...

Railway plan chests

Ref: 2689

Now these are really lovely. 3 sets of plan chests measuring 48 inches wide by 36 high (minus top ) and 39 deep, plus another unit with drawers etc which is longer at 63 inches wide (and alas has a dr...


Ref: 2688

More poor quality pics of new items. I'm afraid I wanted to take images of new stock but it started to get dark earlier than anticipated on our last day, so better pics may be taken in the new year.

Wide half glass pitch pine doors

Ref: 2687

I don't put up pics of doors very often, life's too short, but if its particularly nice, or we have a large matching batch, then we do, and we have about 20 of these from an old school in Greenock cur...

The three chairs

Ref: 2686

Once upon a time there were 3 little chairs in an old factory, they had been happy there since the 1950's although 'green chair' had run off to an upstairs room. When faced with eviction they scuttle...

Utility kitchen cabinet

Ref: 2685

I guess we see 3 or 4 of these a year now and they only seem to have survived by being re-purposed somewhere, in this case in a small factory rest room. The pic shows it just as we got it, still a lit...

70 cast iron spindles

Ref: 2683

70 cast spindles fresh in the week before christmas from a building coming down the week after christmas. Dating to the 1880's and varying in length from 35 1/2 inches tall to 43. The stone ste...

Wash hand basin with metal support

Ref: 2682

The sole surviving sink from an entire school and in surprisingly good order ( the rust stain will be removed soon with the aid of my miracle rust treatment). Obviously in the pic the sink isn't prope...

Small gothic insert

Ref: 2680

Rather an unusual little insert this one, in that it has a peaked top to the arch as opposed to a smooth curve, and I think its really rather old, it certainly came from a very old building down near ...

Ref: 2679

Rather nice light we bought in Edinburgh recently, A brass circular trim with a milk glass bowl suspended inside it which should give a lovely warm glow....

Hall/school cupboards

Ref: 2678

We've just finished a rather rushed job in a school on the east side of the city where, amongst other things we retrieved these 3 cupboards in fetching primary school colours. The red one has a 'blind...

Hyndland pews

Ref: 2677

I've been meaning to put a pic of one of these up for ages. These pews came from that lovely church on Hyndland road, I can never remember if it was a Leiper or a Lorimer church, I'll have to check it...

Simple cast iron spindles

Ref: 2675

From the staircase of an asylum no less. These are about 36 inches tall and we have 24 of them plus a matching newel (as of nov 20'th 2018). There would have been more of them, these are from one of 3...

Victorian garden bench ends

Ref: 2674

Lovely pair of original bench ends, ready stripped and with no damage as far as I can see. We've never had so many iron benches in stock, and I'm sure we won't again. And now we ...

Small ish able surround

Ref: 2673

Quite small (though it was in a large room) fire surround that looks almost Georgian style wise, with the long facia with corbels below it rather than below the actual shelf. The house it came from wa...

Pine surround and tiled insert

Ref: 2672

Nice simple pine surround of the sort that can be found in houses and flats from the beginning to the end of the C19th, The inside legs of the surround are deeper than the outside legs on this one, wh...

Industrial Glass Lights

Ref: 2670

We have quite a lot of these in at the moment, a good 20 of the small ones and about the same umber of the larger ones. Classic chunky industrial lights which came from a distillery, hence the thick g...

Tall Combination

Ref: 2669

One of a pair of fires we recently bought which apparently came from the islands and had obviously spent a winter outside. Great things though and a good height and decent opening (16 in) Dating, I wo...

Large Dresser

Ref: 2666

Large dresser in a ready to use condition. Its an old Victorian one such as you would see in a large house or flat but it has bee restored quite extensively by the previous owners, so that whilst the ...

Heavy Pitch Pine Doors

Ref: 2665

Heavy! these doors are a 2 man lift, and we're all quite strong down here. 2 available measuring 83 inches tall by a whopping 41 3/4wide. For some reason both doors have had one side trimmed by an inc...

Very Fancy Cast Iron Spindles

Ref: 2664

About as good a spindle as you will ever get, from an incredibly grand building which would never have been demolished except for the fact that it was so rotten that floors were collapsing, you could ...

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