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Dark surround and tiled insert

Ref: 2513

This set up shows a fire that is a bit cheaper than some of our others, as the surround, which is pine, has been stained, so it has to remain like this or be painted, and the insert is a reproduction ...

Pine surround and tiled insert

Ref: 2512

This surround is lucky to still be about. From a cottage that was being demolished outside Falkirk, half the building had been pushed over and we could see this half buried by rubble. It was too dange...

Small pine surround with tiled insert

Ref: 2511

Very pretty this one. Its a small pine surround, still waiting to be stripped, with a little tiled insert (13.5 inch opening) with some of the loveliest tiles I've seen, pansies in an art nouveau styl...

Very large black marble fire surround

Ref: 2510

There's a pic of this earlier on the website (ref 2334 ) prior to its removal, but we've finally got round to setting it up at work which was a bit of a job as the shelf is so heavy (its 2.5 inches th...

Fancy wash hand basin brackets

Ref: 2509

More robust than the actual sinks, which is how we end up having a few spare. They make lovely shelves with a bit of wood or marble on....

Cast iron combination

Ref: 2508

Another recently restored combination fire with a 16 inch opening dating to the 1880's....

Tall iron posts for the garden

Ref: 2507

Originally these were the dividers from a stables in Bearsden, but they have eyelets so could be used to hang gates, but they'd be rather nice just set into the garden for things to climb up (plants n...

Greenock Baptist church pews

Ref: 2506

From a job we did last year, but we've only just got a chance to make one up. We have about 10 of these heavy pitch pine pews waiting to be re assembled. This one is still wearing its old coat of varn...

Grand fire surround

Ref: 2505

Ideally this should be painted as its made from a timber called Deal or American Walnut, its basically a cheap version of mahogany and if you dip it, it goes a grainless grey colour and if you strip i...

Pics pine surround and arched insert

Ref: 2504

This came from Edinburgh and looks like pitch pine but doesn't have the weight so may be cedar? Anyway, its a good looking fire, nice and clean with only a bit of damage at the bottom by the feet wher...

Small bedroom combination fire

Ref: 2503

All the way from bonny Fife, one of a pair of little combination fires we recently bought. 12 inch opening....

Tiled insert with back

Ref: 2502

Original tiled insert from just off Byres rd with its original tiles including 2 extra big ones with rural scenes on. Nice little bird on the canopy and its good to have its original back on it as thi...

Tiled combination fire

Ref: 2501

Pretty and decent sized tiled combination with a nice Art Nouveau canopy and rather unusual blue tiles (in the pic we haven't added the top two yet) 16 inch opening....

Slightly unusual pine fire surround

Ref: 2500

This came from the old Partick Baptist church just off Byers rd, a beautiful slightly Grecian building dating to the 1860's ( I think) but which sadly has serious structural issues, though the bulk of...

A few of our latest batch awaiting restoration

Ref: 2499

Indeed, those who have been to our yard will know that we have an awful lot of fires waiting to be restored, and we simply cannot catalogue them all, but here's a few nice ones. We don't mind if peopl...

Easy wash hand basin

Ref: 2498

I've had this for years in my roof waiting for the right house to put it in, but thats not going to happen so I'm going to have to let it go. Much older than most of our basins, this one really is Vic...

More chimney p[ots

Ref: 2497

We always have more/different pots than shown on the website, its just that we don't have time to constantly update the pics, suffice to say that we generally have some in stock but its always worth p...

Unlucky cupboard

Ref: 2496

Poor thing, this came in just as we finished a large job and has had to spend the last few days outside in the frost while we shuffle things around to try to make space. It won't do it any harm as lon...

Small glazed shop counter display case

Ref: 2495

Lovely little display case which came from a jewellers shop which had been going for 140 years and this could well have always been there. Mahogany with 4 delicate pillars up the sides, a glass shelf...

A short section of iron railings

Ref: 2494

Originally part of a fancy roof top, what would have been 4 sections of decorative metal railings. the length of the best 2 bits are 62 inches, so each section was about 31 long and these 2 bits are p...

Cast iron roof finials

Ref: 2493

Nice pair of large 'flag' roof finials, originally part of a set of 4 from the top of a roof which would have been joined to each other by short lengths of fencing, like a small pen. We have the other...

Spiral staircase

Ref: 2492

After many years, another spiral staircase. Lovely thing but quite small in its dimensions, so it wouldn't conform to modern building regs, but could be used where you didn't need them, for example, a...

Huge Royal Doulton pedestal basin

Ref: 2491

This really is a giant. It came from the basement of a house where it had lain in storage for years. Its made from what looks like fireclay (like a Belfast sink as opposed to a normal wash hand basin)...

Lead drainpipe hoppers

Ref: 2490

First lead ones we've ever had, and what a weight! Featuring what look like a pair of hawks, lead hoppers were originally 18th century or earlier but these are late Victorian/early C.20th copies. Not ...

Magnificent door surround

Ref: 2489

Terrific door surround from a large mid Victorian house just outside Dundee, built by the owner of the local foundry there. Its pine and very intricately carved, its just a shame that its so hard to d...

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