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Chimney pots

Ref: 2614

We've been very short of these of late, but here's half a dozen I bought today, all from one house, and only 2 matching- but they're pretty close. 5 of them are 37 inches tall and the other is a littl...

Shop display unit

Ref: 2613

Almost lost this one, it had to be left on a job as we couldn't get it past some more recently installed machinery and the building was about to be knocked down, but thanks to a decent demolition mob,...

Latest golf locker unit to be sorted

Ref: 2612

This has been done to order, so its sold, but thats often how we work, we have others (though not many this big, mostly 3 or 4 units) and we make them up as and when someone wants one, almost a bespok...

Green tiled combination fire

Ref: 2611

Very pretty combination fire from up towards Bearsden, a 1905 ish house. I was so taken with the vibrant colour of the tiles that I never noticed that the canopy was missing, which can be a terminal p...

Early arched insert

Ref: 2610

Nice early insert dating to the early 19th Century. We actually dipped this fire, which is why the surface seems so smooth, unlike the reproduction fires you see, some of which are so rough you could ...

Latest bedroom combination

Ref: 2609

Freshly back from its jaunt to the blacksmith and shotblasters, a pretty little combination fire dating to the 1880's. With these fires, if you want to use them with a living flame gas fire, yo...

Garden railings

Ref: 2608

Something we never see, that old rumour of them all being removed during the war (now about 3 wars ago) but these came, apparently from the old Stobhill hospital and we have about 127 feet of them. Th...

super duper retro tastic

Ref: 2607

Well, not my usual bag, and if someone wanted to sell me just one I might have said no, but en-masse they look great, like sweets. I suppose they're from the 1980's?...

Gothic newel

Ref: 2605

Just one of these, measuring 47.5 inches tall and from a church on Cumbrae island. Yellow pine instead of the more usual pitch pine....

Very tall newel post

Ref: 2604

Quite possibly the tallest newel post for sale in the UK, and who knows, even the world. Its 85 inches tall, thats a shade over 7 feet, it came from the old Notre Dam school (apologies for poss spelli...

Govan newels

Ref: 2603

4 newel posts from one of the old churches in Govan. Right heavy ones these, pitch pine and hard as nails as befits their heritage. A few knocks and chunks missing (again, as befits their herit...

Pine newel posts with metal add ons

Ref: 2602

2 1/2 of these available, the 1/2 being a sliced version that sits against a wall. I thought they had little carved details on them when I bought them but they are in fact metal decorative bits which ...

3 door golf locker cupboard

Ref: 2600

As anyone who has been down to our yard will know, we have a lot of golf lockers in stock. They all had to be semi dismantled in order to remove them, and they span 3 different time periods, so there ...

Edwardian looking fire surround

Ref: 2598

This may be Victorian, but its definitely more of an Edwardian style. Made of a wood called Deal or American walnut which doesn't strip well, so we're leaving it painted. Decent size for a living room...

Tiled insert

Ref: 2597

This poor old fire languished in the back room being overlooked for years, painted purple and with about 1/3 of its tiles smashed. So I thought I'd do it up. It only really needed to be shot blasted a...

Oak fire surround

Ref: 2596

Good sized oak surround in clean condition, from job we did in Leith walk in Edinburgh recently....

Red tiled insert with dragon canopy

Ref: 2595

Handsome insert dating to the late Victorian period with a rather unusual canopy featuring a dragon. It looks as if its coming out of a sphere, and I dimly remember something about dragons and circles...

Carved oak church panels

Ref: 2594

Couple of heavily carved oak panels from a church over by Dunoon. Good thick and chunky pieces of timber, each with an angled edge on the back down one side. Not quite sure what to do with them, but a...

Set of shallow drawers

Ref: 2592

We try to steer clear of furniture, but I quite liked this. Planners chests are always popular, and while this isn't one, its not a chest of drawers either, it kind of falls somewhere in between. Its ...

Laundry basket

Ref: 2591

As its taken me a week or two to get around to putting new pics on the website, the small drawers have been sold, but we still have the fine wicker basket, and it comes free with quite a lot of old ti...

Pine surround

Ref: 2590

Been waiting patiently for a while for its chance to be restored this one. From a large council building near Falkirk which was the subject of a rush demolition job, so we had to drop everything to na...

Tiled fire insert

Ref: 2589

Nice tiled insert with a 16 inch opening which is your standard living room size. The insert can of course be extended to fit a larger aperture by attaching a new steel plate to the front and re blast...

Leaded sash windows

Ref: 2588

We have over a dozen of these from a lovely large Victorian house on Glasgows south side. Various sizes available so please call to check, but they vary from 29.5 inches by 33 to a huge 47.5 by 37 (la...

Racing glass

Ref: 2587

Well, not really racing glass, but Jackie Stewart used to live in the house, apparently. Nice colours and pattern, but we only have 3 available, measuring either 38 inches by 26 or 28 by 26 including ...

Old school desks

Ref: 2586

These are the 6 surviving desks from the old Nitshill primary school. Long abandoned in an upstairs cupboard, a bit dirty and needing a bit of TLC, but if we've bought them then we think they m...

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