Sanitary Ware

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Sanitary ware.

Sanitary ware.

We generally have quite a few basins in stock and a few W.C's & cisterns. We only deal in white sanitary ware.

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Small curved wash hand basins

Ref: 2745

So far we only have 2 of these (end May) but will hopefully get another half a dozen within the next month. They come from a school built in 1927 up north, but there's been a hitch in the demolition a...

Teak draining boards

Ref: 2730

We have about 10 of these teak draining boards from a school we were working in a month or two back.They are 23.5 inches by 47.25 with a cut out for a sink of 15 by 18.5....

Classic wash hand basin

Ref: 2630

I don't always get around to taking pics of all the sinks that come in, in fact I seldom do, so please get in touch for a more accurate idea of what we have in stock, this is all just an advert to sho...

Corner basin

Ref: 2568

Good old corner basin with no makers marks measuring 26 inches across (each edge is 19 inches long), Dating to the 1920's....

Classic Shanks TREVOR pedestal basin

Ref: 2566

About the most stylish type of sink we see, the 'trevor', this one measuring 24 3/4 inches across, so quite a big one and with their classic, finely angled edges. Dating to about 1925-35....

Another style of reproduction pedestal basin

Ref: 2564

Like the ones listed below, we have a few of these from a large hotel currently being refurbished. These ones measure 27 1/2 inches across by 19 3/4 deep by 33 tall and being fairly new, they a...

Large reproduction pedestal basin

Ref: 2562

One of quite a number of pedestal basins we recently bought from a large hotel that was being re furbished. We don't generally deal in report stuff, but these seemed to good to pass by, and what a was...

Large art deco pedestal basin

Ref: 2425

Great pedestal basin with its original deco square taps. In great condition and about as good an example as we've ever had. 27 inches across and 22 tall...

Very large and grand towel rail

Ref: 2358

No need to have to say that this monster towel rail came out of a very large grand house. It measures 49 inches long by 46 high (not including the timber base blocks). These things used to work with l...

Cast ron overhead cistern

Ref: 2344

Made by D.Smith of Edinburgh, nice old overhead cistern which comes with its original downpipe (which you may want to replace) and decorative brackets, which you will definitely want to keep....

Deco wash hand basin

Ref: 2270

We generally have a few of these types in stock, so I don't often get around to photographing them all, but this is one of 4 matching ones we got recently, all in great shape and a decent size (25 inc...

? hand washer sink type things??

Ref: 2236

Well we don't know exactly how to describe these, we've certainly not seen anything quite like them before, and thats not something we say that often now. Made by that famous company 'Morrisons' of Gl...

Shanks cistern

Ref: 2129

Quite unusual these, and we have a couple from the same job in at the moment (aug 2016), an original 1930's push button cistern. ...

Fancy toilet

Ref: 2088

Very nice toilet this one, a Saints wash down closet to be precise and in great condition. Its a down vented toilet which means that the waste pipe is hidden beneath the pan itself. If it looks a bit ...

ceramic cisterns

Ref: 2085

Couple of typical ceramic cisterns, would of been 3 but one has now lost its lid. We generally have a couple of these in stock, usually Shanks ones with the little chrome nut on top of the lid. If the...

Pedestal basins

Ref: 2084

We pretty much always have a few pedestal sinks in stock and I sometimes wonder if its worth keeping on taking pics of more of the same, but here are a couple of our latest ones. Do phone up to check ...

nice old wash hand basin with bracket

Ref: 1989

We have (or have as of june 2015) 4 of these nice old 'Ferguslie' wash hand basins. They are quite heavy and come with their original supports. They came from the old library in Kilmacolm and have nic...

double shelf basin

Ref: 1969

I rather like these double shelf basins. They may be from the 1930's but I think they could be as late as the 1950's. We have 2 from a job I recently did down in Dumfries-there were 3 but I never spot...

Corner basin

Ref: 1837


Latest Belfast Sinks

Ref: 1792

At last, having run out of the things for over 2 months, we have another couple of batches of belfast sinks in stock. Some are the type with tap holes at the back and some are the more traditional tub...

Ref: 1490


wash hand basin

Ref: 1477

Typical example of a large deco (1930's)wash hand basin. these are getting a bit thin on the ground now, especially in good condition like this one, which came from the basement storage area of a scho...

wash hand basin

Ref: 1476

Slightly more delicate style of basin with more central soap dishes. Nice and big and in great condition. I don't tend to put many new pics of basins onto the site as we generally have a few in and th...


Ref: 1450

We generally have a few old toilets and cistern in stock but dont always get around to taking pics of them, how many images of old toilets does a website need?. This just shows a few toilets that came...

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