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When we do our work in a church, we often obtain up to 20 or 30 pews of one style. We cut these roughly to length on site and are then able to re-attach the ends to whatever length is required (though this is sometimes dictated by the panel sizes on the backs.
They look great in hallways. I have one in my kitchen and the are always popular in cafes and pubs. Even Barter Books in Northumberland is kitted out with our pews.THIS STYLE NOW SOLD OUT

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Long high backed pew

Ref: 3206

During our recent re shuffle of the warehouse I dug out this pew from our storage bit above the office where it had been buried for rather a long time. Its got a very high back which is nice, though i...

Brechin style pew

Ref: 2929

Another style of pew we can now make up, These came from a very classical looking church up in Brechin which is about to be converted. This is one that we've cleaned up and made for someone but we hav...

Mosspark pews

Ref: 2814

New styles of pew are coming in faster than I can handle at the moment, hence some of the poor things are waiting patiently outside until we make space. These come from a church not too far from us in...

Gorebridge style pew

Ref: 2757

Just got around to making one of these pews up which we bought last year from Gorebridge outside Edinburgh. This one has been sold but we have quite a few more and, I would guess we can make them up t...

Another style of pew

Ref: 2740

These came from a little job we did last year, from a beautiful little church outside Edinburgh, it was called Cockpen and Carrington parish church ( or was it Carrington and Cockpen?). We only had 3 ...

Kilmaurs style pew

Ref: 2736

We must have done this job last year, and we've sold quite a few of these pews, but for some reason we've never got around to putting an image up on the website. So here we are, from a really pretty l...

New Airdrie pew

Ref: 2727

Our latest batch of pews, from a lovely, and fairly early church in the centre of Airdrie-soon to be converted into flats. Pitch pine. We can't do them longer than about 6 feet now as we had a bit of ...

St Georges Dumfries pews

Ref: 2723

This is the first of this style we've made up and we have about a dozen available up to about 7 feet (though this one is 47 inches long without the brass) They look best unstripped, just waxed, like t...

Small Lenzie pew

Ref: 2713

After several years we've finally put one of these pews together, though we only had a handful to start with. They come from the big old church by Lenzie station and I think they are made from cedar, ...

Our latest style

Ref: 2708

We only have 3 of these rather unusual pews, ok yellow pine and with no prayer rail so they will sit right back against a wall. I think these are really quite old, the church they came from, in Greeno...

Cumbrae pews

Ref: 2699

We removed these pews back in the summer but have only just had the time to make one of them up, and while this one has been sold, we have the bones to make up another 15 or so. Yellow pine and more c...

Hyndland pews

Ref: 2677

I've been meaning to put a pic of one of these up for ages. These pews came from that lovely church on Hyndland road, I can never remember if it was a Leiper or a Lorimer church, I'll have to check it...

Stewarton pew

Ref: 2549

We've finally had a chance to make one of these up, having bought them over a year ago. We can make them up to a length of about 6 ft and they're made of Douglas fir which is quite a dark wood, a bit ...

Alford, by Aberdeen pew

Ref: 2541

We have quite a number of these which I think are Douglas fir, the type of timber you commonly see in houses from the 1920's and '30's which is roughly when these pews date from. We can make them up t...

Shettleston old parish pew

Ref: 2539

Just realised we don't have any pics of these pews once they've been stripped and waxed, so here is one showing a 60 inch pew we've just made up for a customer ( we make them up to different lengths f...

Railway themed pew

Ref: 2329

We are in the process of removing a large number of this style of pew and they all have little brass badges on them to denote who has funded the pew. Some are just a few peoples names, others are 'fre...

Folding seat pew

Ref: 2310

First one of these we've had, and a bit of a faff to make up. Its a narrow thing, but quite stable and its seat folds down on a couple of hinges meaning that it is only 9.5 inches deep ( its 68.5 inch...

Edinburgh pews

Ref: 2274

We have about a dozen of these pews available in various lengths (we cut them down to whatever size is wanted) which came from a church, now a theatre on Rose street in the heart of Edinburgh.We also ...

Dunfermline pew

Ref: 2230

Only a few of these, and only short ones at that. Some say plain, others call them simple, but we love them all and what gives this one an edge is the lovely enamel badge which you get on one end. The...

Alexandria pews

Ref: 2207

About 20 of these yellow pine pews available which can be made up to any size ( up to about 8ft ). At the moment they are painted a pale orange colour, but once stripped, you can see where the old num...

Cumnock pew

Ref: 2206

From a job we did at the tail end of the year, one of about a dozen pews we can make up, though most will be no bigger than 5 ft ( we have 4 longer ones left at 102 inches ). Pitch pine from the 1870'...

Cove pew

Ref: 2204

We only have very short ones of these left (3 ft max) from a job we did a while back in Cove, up Argyll way, but for some reason they never made it onto the website. Quite a high pew and yellow pine.<...

New Dennistoun pews

Ref: 2203

Not new, but rather our latest batch from this part of Glasgow. This is a pic of one thats been cut down to a shorter size for someone, stripped, sealed and waxed. Yellow pine and there must be about ...

Airdrie pew

Ref: 2174

Quite a number of these as you can see, from a church built at the tail end of the nineteenth century. The building had a bit of a wobble due to mining underneath and may have to be pulled down which ...

Aberdeen pew

Ref: 2160

One of the nicest style of pew we've had for a while from one of the trickiest jobs. We have about 20 available which can be cut down to any length and either left in their original finish or stripped...

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