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foundry moulds, the tip of the iceberg

Ref: 2284

We are mid way through transporting a large number of these fascinating moulds from a thankfully still operating foundry who are having a bit of a clear out. I've not sorted them out quite yet so this...

Old wooden joiners clamps

Ref: 2278

Not sure how many of these we have left as we bought them a couple of weeks ago, but lovely old tools these, turned wooden threaded spindles, a work of art really....

Servants indicator

Ref: 2261

We see these from time to time, this is a fairly typical example made by a Glasgow company for a house with 3 bedrooms. when a bell or button was rung, an electrical current made one of the little sta...


Ref: 2257

From a church and made of painted pine (to look like marble). This 3 columned pedestal measures 43 inches tall....


Ref: 2255

Not sure how to describe this, on the one hand its marvellously over the top and glitzy, and on the other, there are those who think it should, as a religious object, be treated with a certain respect...


Ref: 2248

Here's a selection of some of our latest hooks. Not the fanciest but I rather like the simplicity and I've seen them advertised in trade catalogues from the 1920's. We've stripped a length of each sor...

School clocks

Ref: 2245

I'd say these are from the '60's, and we have a few of them, mostly single sided, but a couple of double sided ones too. They would originally have been connected to a central operating machine (The M...

Slate slabs

Ref: 2239

While we often have these in stock, its well worth phoning first to check availability. These are old bases from pool tables which lend themselves well as bases for stoves and fires, though we've also...


Ref: 2234

We have a couple of these in at the moment, From a local school about to be converted into housing. Quite large at 88 inches wide by 49 tall, but while sturdily made, they're not too heavy. She...

Organ bench

Ref: 2218

Good simple oak organ bench from an 1880s church in Glasgow. One small corner has been chopped off which is a shame, who knows why, but its a nice solid thing. Quite tall, as they always are, at 25 in...

Metal grilles

Ref: 2201

Quite a few of these in just now, the larger ones were used as floor grilles in a church and measure 6 inches by 44.5, and there are 47 of them (as I type) and the smaller ones (photographed inside th...

Dr Frankensteins steampunk electrical gadgetry

Ref: 2172

I couldn't resist these. I guess they must be from the 1920's during a time when even the humblest electrical workings were thought good enough to warrant a bit of fancy detailing. On the inside there...

Pitch pine planks

Ref: 2156

Having run out of pitch pine, suddenly we do 2 churches in 2 weeks with lots of pitch pine. Good solid wide boards, some up to 4 meters long. Ideal for shelving, and we've even sold it as flooring bef...

Several boxes of old bottles

Ref: 2154

We must have about a hundred of these. We came across them in a basement and they appear to be a fairly random selection of re-used old bottles (some are old milk bottles, others are Kilner jars, but ...

Teak worktops

Ref: 2141

Just when we thought we'd never see any again, and most schools have now been modernised and had their teak replaced with quality formica, we can present TEAK, as good as it gets, sizes to follow, but...

Hall unit

Ref: 2131

Not quite sure how to describe this and I'm afraid the pics are pretty poor, but it came from a church in Motherwell, is oak and has all sorts of odd little features like drawers at the ends and a lif...

Large mirrored shop display cabinets

Ref: 2128

Its amazing what comes out of the back of transit vans sometimes. We have 2 of these which would once have butted up together (and have had glazed top doors), but every time we see these things...

Numbered school hooks

Ref: 2123

We have a few rows of school hooks for sale at the moment of which I think these are the nicest ( a lot of the others came off poles so they have a semi circle at the back, but they can still be screw...

Metal grilles

Ref: 2111

These old floor grilles came from a large house in Bearsden a while ago and all I can say is that there are about a dozen of them and they are all a different size AND some of them have a wider borde...


Ref: 2106

Quite a few of these in just now. Small(ish) big, step and leaning, clean or paint spattered...

Victorian Flagons

Ref: 2105

Rather sad, but these came from the loft space of where we used to buy a lot of our old chemicals on Gorgie road in Edinburgh which has now shut down, though in the interests of accuracy, their parent...

Iron gate post

Ref: 2090

Good old cast iron gate post for a gate with a peg fitting at the base measuring 60 inches tall from the base plate....

timber beams

Ref: 2056

Not our usual fare, but we've somehow ended up with these chunks of timber from an old warehouse that was recently pulled down round the corner from Central station. Various dimensions and lengths and...

shop display cabinet

Ref: 2019

Lovely oak display cabinet from around the turn of the century (the previous one!) with 3 glass fronted display areas to the top and various cupboard bits below with a nice top pediment and splayed ba...

huge saws

Ref: 1982

A few giant double handed saws we took in recently some with nice brass fittings....

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