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4 matching milk glass lights

Ref: 2735

Thes 4 smallish milk glass lights came all the way from Oban, from a church hall, a nice size...

Ref: 2679

Rather nice light we bought in Edinburgh recently, A brass circular trim with a milk glass bowl suspended inside it which should give a lovely warm glow....

Industrial Glass Lights

Ref: 2670

We have quite a lot of these in at the moment, a good 20 of the small ones and about the same umber of the larger ones. Classic chunky industrial lights which came from a distillery, hence the thick g...

super duper retro tastic

Ref: 2607

Well, not my usual bag, and if someone wanted to sell me just one I might have said no, but en-masse they look great, like sweets. I suppose they're from the 1980's? Only a couple of white ones...

Classic art deco light

Ref: 2521

Lovely thing this. A classic art deco light. Its been painted gold and I haven't tried to strip it yet and don't know if its brass or chrome. The shade just sits on it, it isn't fixed and its really t...

Brass rise and fall light

Ref: 2520

Good Victorian rise and fall light. You pull the middle and this causes the weight to go up and down, lowering and raising the light, a great mechanism, but never dump it in a box and get the wires al...

Most recent Deco lights

Ref: 2423

Heres a few of our latest art deco lights, still un cleaned I'm afraid. My favourite is the one without the shades, lovely shiny egg like forms, whilst the one with the shades like Mr Whippy ice cream...

2 latest deco marbled light shades

Ref: 2422

We see these from time to time and often, I'm afraid don't get round to putting them on the website. I guess theres a constant through put of them and it seems daft to constantly upload more and more ...

Quantity of angular hanging lights

Ref: 2368

I originally thought these were from the 1960's, but some of them look a good deal more modern, but never mind, we have about 20 of them. Industrial looking things with textured metal sides and often...

Various industrial lights

Ref: 2311

Fresh from an old distillery, we have 17 of these with various types of top fittings, but all basically the same, and all fairly heavy. Most things in the building were overly heavy, I think it was ex...

Retro lights

Ref: 2275

These should have been on the site a while ago, we've been storing them 'through the back', assuming there was a pic on the website, and I'll get a better image up over the next few days. We have quit...

Angled enamel lights

Ref: 2223

11 of these nice enamel lights as of Jan 2017 from a local swimming pool now used solely by pigeons and teenage miscreants but soon to be fancy apartments. 15 inch diameter and yet to be fully cleaned...

small enamel shades

Ref: 2113

We have 20 of these lovely white shades available from an old laundry in Edinburgh, measuring 11 inches across. A few chinks and rusty bits as you would expect, we call it character....

enamel lights

Ref: 1946

We've usually got a few enamel lights in stock, in fact I think we have a few green ones and some smaller ones in the yard, but this is part of a batch of about 30 shades in grey (quite hard to make a...

Green Enamel Light

Ref: 1894

None for ages, and then we get 3 different jobs, all with a dozen or more shades of which these are one type.We had about 20 of this particular type, some of which were in a store, never having been u...

brass lights

Ref: 1869

Not the older things in the world, but good and heavy things none the less. 3 or 4 different ones available....

Milk glass lights

Ref: 1751

Shown prior to restoration. We have 15 of these available, roughly 1ft diameter by 26'' to top of brass fitting. Typical of the sort of light found in schools....

Frosted glass lights

Ref: 1750

We have 4 of these, which look like the shades can be hung either way, i.e. tapering out towards the top or the bottom. They have a matt finish & I don't think they're as old as a lot of our lights (1...

Ceiling Lights

Ref: 1748

We have 6 of these milk shade lights with copper collars which screw directly onto the ceiling. Shades are approx. 12'' in diameter....

brass church ceiling lights

Ref: 1715

We have 6 or 7 of these magnificent church lights just now. They came from a church on the south side of Glasgow and are solid brass with flour de lis cut out around the edge. They are just under 25 i...

painted light shade

Ref: 1560

From the 1930's -ish, a decent sized light shade measuring about 12 inches across....

rise and fall light

Ref: 1501

One of the nicest rise and fall lights I've seen (though I've made a pigs ear of displaying it-using twine to hang it with was a mistake).Its 19 inches across and is made from copper, and while it cou...

church lights

Ref: 1480

We recently bought about a dozen of these nice lights from a church in Hamilton along with a further dozen which are fixed directly to the ceiling.Only one or two left as of June 2014....

deco hanging lights

Ref: 1301

Really nice art deco lights, 3 or 4 available with 2 lengths of pole. The shade is sand blasted (or acid etched) with a design on the base etc. NOW SOLD....

rise and fall light

Ref: 817

We have about 4 of these, though all with different shades. These are really nice heavy glass shades which almost look like alabaster. The light itself is a brass 2 shade one which I guess is about 90...

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