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Garden edging

Ref: 3355

I know it's not the season for doing the garden but here we have about 120 nice old pieces of garden edging, each one measuring about 9 1/4 inches in length. One or two have bits missing from the bott...

Garden railings

Ref: 3265

Not something we see often at all and there must be 130 feet or so of these. They have been removed from their store copings and comprise tall spear shaped spindles with shorter versions either side. ...

Double gates

Ref: 3262

Nice pair of gates recently removed from a church dating to around 1900. Good condition and measuring 74 inches wide by 61 high. Lots of good detailing, especially the curly bits which splay outwards ...

Garden railings

Ref: 2925

Not especially old, but useful, nice looking and easy to re use. I'm always a sucker for the loop style of railings, more flexible than cast for things to lean against (cast iron is very brittle which...

Pair of gates

Ref: 2816

Good pair of gates we've just got in. I don't usually go for ones with wrought iron, being more of a cast iron fella but there simply aren't many gates about and these are a good age and in a very hea...

Cast iron double gates

Ref: 2716

Yes, cast iron, not wrought or steel, proper original Victorian gates, and they are in remarkably good condition with just one of the spikes having been knocked off (see pic). Each gate measures 50 in...

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