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Pair of gates

Ref: 2816

Good pair of gates we've just got in. I don't usually go for ones with wrought iron, being more of a cast iron fella but there simply aren't many gates about and these are a good age and in a very hea...

Stone plinth for a sundial

Ref: 2803

Probably really quite old, but alas missing the bronze sundial bit itself. A good and nicely finished stone column with octagonal top with some detailing around the edge and of course, a recessed area...

Cast iron double gates

Ref: 2716

Yes, cast iron, not wrought or steel, proper original Victorian gates, and they are in remarkably good condition with just one of the spikes having been knocked off (see pic). Each gate measures 50 in...


Ref: 2658

Just the one of these, but a nice old hopper with no splits and both its lugs still in place. We used to sell quite a few of these to be used as flower boxes to be fixed to the wall....

Tall iron posts for the garden

Ref: 2507

Originally these were the dividers from a stables in Bearsden, but they have eyelets so could be used to hang gates, but they'd be rather nice just set into the garden for things to climb up (plants n...

Lead drainpipe hoppers

Ref: 2490

First lead ones we've ever had, and what a weight! Featuring what look like a pair of hawks, lead hoppers were originally 18th century or earlier but these are late Victorian/early C.20th copies. Not ...

small garden gates

Ref: 2014

Couple of nice small (33.5 inches wide) garden gates from a job we did up Dundee way.About my favourite style, this bent wire style and one of them has a lovely handle, real local blacksmith stuff. Ki...

stone gate post and gate

Ref: 1986

I'm pretty sure this is now sold, but I'm putting it on the site just for the record-not that we'll get any more as in the battle of Men Vs Stone, the stone very nearly won. Cracking bit of sto...

more garden edging

Ref: 1941

fresh from being dug out of a lawn in the pouring rain (where they were actually buried under the turf). There are about 50 of these measuring 15 inches, which is longer than the norm....

double gates

Ref: 1940

Simple but sturdy double gates which, for once we managed to buy with their original gateposts and even (though a bit bent) their catches. Sizes to follow. Gateposts now sold....

tall chimney pots

Ref: 1803

Great selection of really tall chimney pots that came from a mansion house currently being pulled down in Lanarkshire. It was built in 1814 and we have 20 pots of two slightly different styles. ...

Double gates

Ref: 1759

Having had none for ages, suddenly several gates turn up. These nice cast iron gates were languishing in a builder's yard for many years & have a total width of 108'' & are 65.25'' tall to the top of ...

Single Cast Iron Gate

Ref: 1758

Approx. 46.5'' wide & 51'' tall. Heavy cast iron gate. Its pretty unusual to get old cast iron gates, all that business about the war and so on. I'm not sure how these survived, but the whole street (...

Octagonal Chimney Pots

Ref: 1704

A selection of pots that we bought last week, including a nice set of seven rather slim pots (37'' tall). All in great condition. Only five of the thinner pots left....


Ref: 1694

Single gate from a church in the East end of Glasgow which was pulled down back in the '80's. The church was built in the 1890's, so this good solid gate will probably date from then. The central moti...

square Chimney Pot

Ref: 1597

Single pot we bought from a house in Airdrie....

chimney pots

Ref: 1449

just a few of our latest chimney pot arrivals, not the oldest ones in the world, but a batch from a 1930's bungalow and another lot from the re-developement of the Raploch estate in Stirling (apparent...

large hopper

Ref: 1337

Huge cast iron hopper from a school outside Edinburgh. Its 29 inches long and would make a pretty good planter....

double gates

Ref: 1289

These came from a large house near Airdrie and weigh an absolute ton. I've mislaid the measurements( I'm doing this from home at night) but I remember that they have a 12 foot opening, which should be...

double gates

Ref: 461

Good early pair of double gates with a lovely latch.Great condition.119" wide by 52" tall. There is a single gate that matches these which is 39"wide which can be sold separately. SINGLE GATE N...

Stone roundel with angels head

Ref: 277

Great carved roundel with an angels head in the centre.33" across. Obviously made in the days when labour was cheap as theres a lot of work gone into it. A great feature....

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