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Very long very heavy benches

Ref: 2136

These stuck out of the back of my van a long way, and thats after I'd cut them in half. Amazing rustic benches that could be put back to back to make a giant kitchen island. Hugely thick top and legs....


Ref: 2012

We don't really deal in this sort of thing, but when we come across something as decent as this we seldom say 'no'. Perfectly good for another couple of hundred years, unlike so much of todays furnitu...


Ref: 1992

From a church in Clydebank, nice coat stand still with its metal drip tray. Double sided....

very tall, very skinny, very shallow glazed cupboard

Ref: 1971

This came from a farm that was recently demolished and must have been for something specific as its such an unusual size. 86 inches tall by 30 wide and 10.5 deep. It has some hooks inside and all but ...

oak table

Ref: 1919

We bought a couple of these a while ago, one a bit older than the other but basically the same, measuring 4ft by 3 ft and 30 inches high...

big kitchen unit

Ref: 1916

We had to cancel a job down in Kilmarnock last week due to the bad weather and thought we'd missed the job where we got this, along with a couple of van loads of other bits. But they held off pulling ...

cracking oak bookcases

Ref: 1910

We have almost 20 of these terrific bookcases, all of which are 89 inches tall, but of various lengths (the shortest being 73 inches wide. They came from a building designed by the firm of 'Hon...

small Table

Ref: 1617

Nice little oak table from a chapel south of Girvan It measures 54 by 26.5 inches and is 32 inches high.NOTE someone has just pointed out that this table is actually pitch pine and not oak. sorry....


Ref: 1499

I really like this. And I also like the colour. It came from a school and was in their science labs, hence the netting behind the glass (in case of exploding experiments I suppose). Its ...

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