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Red and Black Top Hat Mould

Ref: 2453

Red and black painted mould, quite solid & approximately 5.5'' (14cm) tall. Black base diameter 8'' (20cm) & red top diameter 5'' (13cm). Signs of use commensurate with age....

Rectangular Holey Mould

Ref: 2452

Rectangular wooden mould engraved with J.M. MC 2/2 & pleasingly orange inside. This splits easily & is held together by metal dowels. The code is also painted on in black. Approximately 7'' (18cm) by ...

Interestingly Shaped Mould

Ref: 2451

It looks interesting, comes apart nicely (you can really see how well this has been made) & still has the original paper label on it. Approximately 14'' (36cm) by 10'' (26cm). ...

Chunky Cruciform Mould

Ref: 2450

A good chunky looking thing this. Approximately 11'' (28cm) square. Mould number 4961 engraved on two of the ends. Signs of wear as you'd expect....

Small 3 Legged Wooden Mould

Ref: 2449

Painted black 3 legged wooden mould. Approximately 6'' (15.5cm) tall with a diameter of 6.6'' (17cm). This has metal characters E988 pinned on the disc....

Medium 3 legged mould

Ref: 2448

Painted black 3 legged wooden mould. Would look better with a cake on it, but I only had an apple. Approximately 6'' (15.5cm) tall with a diameter of 7.6'' (19.5cm). This has metal characters E989 pin...

Viking Ship Shaped Mould

Ref: 2440

Looks to me like the prow of a Viking longboat. Approximately 47cm long by 25cm tall. A bit of damage on this one, but it looks intriguing....

Small Cruciform Mould

Ref: 2439

Small wooden mould, approximately 21cm by 21cm by 12cm. Interesting looking, vintage rubber pinned on near the centre, please see pictures. The shape is reminiscent of jacks....

Dish Shaped Engineering Mould

Ref: 2438

Circular mould, approximately 30cm in diameter & 5cm high. Repaired crack as can be seen in the pictures. Rustic fruit bowl? ...

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