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Mop sinks

Ref: 2876

Fresh from one of the main RBS buildings in Edinburgh, quite a lot of mop sinks, not especially old, but consequently in very good condition....

Large ish Belfast sinks

Ref: 2874

4 of these from a school we've been working on recently measuring 30 inches by 18. All in very good condition....

Even larger Belfast sinks

Ref: 2873

The biggest 2 off the job, measuring 37 inches long by 21 and shown here before we've cleaned them, though they look really very good under their superficial layer of 'stuff'...

Small belfast sinks

Ref: 2872

We've recently bought about 24 of these little sinks from an old school that is being refurbished. Most are stored outside as its not the weather to spend a day washing them all out, but I've cleaned ...

Ceramic drainers

Ref: 2820

Couple of these just in, measuring 18 inches by 30, and mightily solid....

Ref: 2802

I don't really update the belfast sink bit of the website very often as we almost always have them in stock and they all tend to be pretty similar, but at the moment we seem to be drowning in mop sink...

A typical selection

Ref: 2737

Having done this for some time now, I rather forget to put up new pics of things like belfast sinks as we always have a few in stock, and there isn't that much variety in what we get, but as of May, h...

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