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small black painted unit

Ref: 2347

Old Georgian cupboard with nice curved detailing up the sides shown before we've done anything at all to it. One beading missing off the side at the top.27.25 inches wide by 19.25 deep by 36 tall, I t...

Georgian towel rail

Ref: 2346

Nice old mahogany town rail, approx 30 inches wide...

Griddles griddles griddles

Ref: 2345

No pots, no kettles, just a whole pile of old griddles from a job. Big, small and all pretty old, we thought they'd make a nice display....

Cast ron overhead cistern

Ref: 2344

Made by D.Smith of Edinburgh, nice old overhead cistern which comes with its original downpipe (which you may want to replace) and decorative brackets, which you will definitely want to keep....

Georgian reeded architrave

Ref: 2343

We never really see this, from the new town in Edinburgh where everything is listed, as it should be, unless, perhaps, you have an awful lot of money. These were found while clearing out an old mews c...

2 drawer kist thing

Ref: 2342

Battered and bruised and full of character, this was probably originally the base of something, but it would make a nice bedside or coffee table and you'll never re create the charm of the battered ol...

Ancient electric fire

Ref: 2341

I'm a bit of a sucker for an old electric fire, though this isn't one I'd plug straight in ( unlike the 1930's one in our office which happily passes its PAT test year after year). Dinky little enamel...

Wash stand thing

Ref: 2340

Furniture, sanitary or miscellaneous? where to list it? Its a Georgian stand for a wash basin, which would have sat in the hole at the top-the sort of large bowl people like to have on their ta...

Better than they look spindles

Ref: 2339

Well they look a bit rough don't they. We were called out to a job last week where a large old house had been torched and was about to be demolished and we were given 2 days to clear it before it was ...

Long grey painted cast iron spindles

Ref: 2338

We have 21 of these longer than normal cast iron spindles which may well be Georgian rather than Victorian. Nice delicate things. approx 40 inches tall...

Gold barley twist cast iron spindles

Ref: 2337

These have all been cut to the same length, and now have a flat top. 22 available at about 37 inches tall....

Black double bar spindles

Ref: 2336

Only 10 of these, measuring approx 34.5 inches long, but a fairly common pattern seen in the Glasgow tenements (though these actually came from a film set!)...

Wooden garden gate

Ref: 2335

Only the 3rd one we've ever had, but this used to belong to a cottage attached to the foundry in Edinburgh, and for the last x number of years its been stored in their roof space among with a ton of s...

Very large black male fire surround

Ref: 2334

Really grand black marble surround from an 1870's property in Dundee. Its never been painted so still has its original sheen, and it has a lovely edge to the shelf, which is a hefty old weight in itse...

Early hob grate prior to removal

Ref: 2332

Nice Georgian hob with its top decorative panel which we removed, along with a similar one, from a house up Perthshire way. We've not restored it yet, or dipped the pine surround, but it should be a c...

Very grand large fire surround

Ref: 2331

From the centre of Glasgow, this magnificent surround. It was from a large merchants house and is mahogany, so would need to be hand stripped, though I think its possibly nicer white? Lots of f...

Latest marble fire

Ref: 2330

Just set this one up. From the south side of Glasgow and a building dating to the 1870's. Nice with the square blocks at the top of each leg as opposed to the usual moulding. A bit of a stain at one e...

Railway themed pew

Ref: 2329

We are in the process of removing a large number of this style of pew and they all have little brass badges on them to denote who has funded the pew. Some are just a few peoples names, others are 'fre...

Oak double doors

Ref: 2327

About a year ago we cleared out the building where we used to buy a lot of our chemicals in Edinburgh as it had been sold and was to be demolished, but we couldn't take the doors as they were classed ...

Oak pews

Ref: 2326

We've just bought 2 of these choir stalls from a large church in the east end of the city. each one is 114 inches long and separated into individual seats. The person who designed the church was invol...

Tiled insert

Ref: 2325

From Trinity in Edinburgh, rather a nice tiled insert still with its original tiles and so on. 16 inch opening....

Very heavy, grand insert

Ref: 2324

From an early Victorian house, a lovely but very heavy insert with decorative cast side panels and an 18 inch opening...

Tiny but lovely insert

Ref: 2323

From a Georgian house where we were able to see the smashed remains of most of the fireplaces in the scrap pile (except the marble one which was smashed in the skip) Fume fume fume. One small s...

Auchterarder combination fire

Ref: 2321

We bought 2 of these from a farm up by Gleneagles a few weeks ago. This one is now sold but we have its matching one, albeit without its back waiting to be cleaned up. Sizes to follow. T...

Art nouveau painted glass

Ref: 2320

We have around 7 of these from a Victorian house in Rutherglen where they had been lurking in the basement for 40 odd years, along with the glass from the vestibule door. Various sizes and the colours...

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