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Ached insert

Ref: 2746

One of the fancier patterned inserts we see, this one with a 17 inch opening which is quite large. It dates to around 1870 and this one came from Dundee. I'm not great at updating the site when items ...

Small curved wash hand basins

Ref: 2745

So far we only have 2 of these (end May) but will hopefully get another half a dozen within the next month. They come from a school built in 1927 up north, but there's been a hitch in the demolition a...

Early horseshoe insert with pine surround

Ref: 2744

Quite early insert this, where they swoop in at the bottom, shown with a nice pine surround with an attractive edged shelf. The insert is relatively small, being 33 inches wide by 34 1/2 tall, but it ...

Decorative radiators

Ref: 2743

3 nice fancy radiators we've just got in. Heavy as, though a lot of this will be the thick thick white paint hiding the patterned surface. Like all our radiators, we can arrange to get them re ...

Cast iron barley twist spindles

Ref: 2742

We've just picked up 70 of these which match a large ish batch we already had, so plenty available (May 2019) generally between 35 and 37 inches tall....

5 door golf lockers

Ref: 2741

I know we have these golf lockers here and there on the website, but we bought the bones of so many of them... So this is the latest one we have reconstructed, using some of the oldest and more...

Another style of pew

Ref: 2740

These came from a little job we did last year, from a beautiful little church outside Edinburgh, it was called Cockpen and Carrington parish church ( or was it Carrington and Cockpen?). We only had 3 ...

Bench ends

Ref: 2739

Great to see a few sets of bench ends now summer is coming, we've never had so many- 4 pairs now, and these are the latest rustic patterned ones to come in. In need of new timbers, but this isn't real...

Eccentrically tall cupboard

Ref: 2738

Indeed, bit of a tall fella this one. He came from a grand house in Greenock which used to be the HQ of the lot that ran that whole block of land from Gourock to Largs-ish. Its from about 1850 with ni...

A typical selection

Ref: 2737

Having done this for some time now, I rather forget to put up new pics of things like belfast sinks as we always have a few in stock, and there isn't that much variety in what we get, but as of May, h...

Kilmaurs style pew

Ref: 2736

We must have done this job last year, and we've sold quite a few of these pews, but for some reason we've never got around to putting an image up on the website. So here we are, from a really pretty l...

4 matching milk glass lights

Ref: 2735

Thes 4 smallish milk glass lights came all the way from Oban, from a church hall, a nice size...

Glazed display board

Ref: 2734

We picked up 2 or 3 of these from a swimming baths recently, 33 inches by 31.5 and thought they might be useful for menus, opening times, lists of chores for children to do/ignore....

Garden bench ends

Ref: 2733

Elegant and original Victorian bench ends, Lovely design which now I've looked at them several times, I notice has one of the twiddly decorative bits under the arm rest missing on one end, but I didn'...

Georgian hob

Ref: 2732

Just a quick pic to show a Georgian hob waiting to be restored, as anyone who has been down to our yard will realise, we have a lot of fires waiting to be restored (as of the last stock take, over 400...

Large stove thing

Ref: 2731

Not sure whether to call this a fireplace or a stove, but its about 100 years old, possibly a little more and has a very arts and crafts feel to it, what with the copper balls on the ends of the finia...

Teak draining boards

Ref: 2730

We have about 10 of these teak draining boards from a school we were working in a month or two back.They are 23.5 inches by 47.25 with a cut out for a sink of 15 by 18.5....

Large mahogany or walnut fire surround

Ref: 2729

Apparently this fire came from a big house in London before coming north and spending many years in a garage outside Lanark. Painted white and looking a little tired, this is how we like to get them, ...

Head door heads

Ref: 2728

These came from a house in the New Town in Edinburgh where they had apparently been bought back in the '50's from who knows where, but obviously somewhere grand.The bulk of the door head, the dental w...

New Airdrie pew

Ref: 2727

Our latest batch of pews, from a lovely, and fairly early church in the centre of Airdrie-soon to be converted into flats. Pitch pine. We can't do them longer than about 6 feet now as we had a bit of ...

Georgian carved timber fire surround

Ref: 2726

Not something we see very often, and not something that is generally allowed to be removed from a property nowadays, but this was removed some years ago from a property in the centre of edinburgh wher...

Large doors suitable as double doors

Ref: 2724

Tall doors which would work well as double doors, of which we have 4 or pairs, though sadly only 2 pairs still have their etched glass. There's an attractive ridge below the glass. Yellow pine.They c...

St Georges Dumfries pews

Ref: 2723

This is the first of this style we've made up and we have about a dozen available up to about 7 feet (though this one is 47 inches long without the brass) They look best unstripped, just waxed, like t...

Chairs chairs chairs

Ref: 2722

Not just a pic with a weird perspective, its just a big and a small one. We have about 140 of the larger stacking chairs, surely enough for a couple of restaurants and about 20 of the smaller ones whi...

Pine surround and tiled insert

Ref: 2721

Nice pine surround which was one of a number we bought from an old hospital site in Arbroath a few years ago. They were made in 2 parts, so we've had to put a temporary brace joining the top to the

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