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Ceramic drainers

Ref: 2820

Couple of these just in, measuring 18 inches by 30, and mightily solid....

Garden railings

Ref: 2819

Nigh on impossible things to get, here we have 4 sections of decorative railings from the Lion foundry in Kirkintilloch, each section measuring 48 inches long. A little bit of damage on some of them. ...

Window radiators

Ref: 2818

Another new design to me, that's 3 new types this year. All from a job we've been doing up in Montrose, these coming from one of the later (1920's) buildings. Round topped window radiators with long l...

Latest batch of cast iron spindles

Ref: 2817

My hand is still bruised from where my hammer missed the edge of the stone step I was trying to break off in order to free one of these. From a cottage up north due to be demolished any day now, we ha...

Pair of gates

Ref: 2816

Good pair of gates we've just got in. I don't usually go for ones with wrought iron, being more of a cast iron fella but there simply aren't many gates about and these are a good age and in a very hea...

Glazed oak double doors

Ref: 2815

Pair of heavy old oak doors from a 1920's building we're just finishing off up in Montrose. Fitted with 'georgian wire glass' which might well be strong but things of beauty they aren't. They ...

Mosspark pews

Ref: 2814

New styles of pew are coming in faster than I can handle at the moment, hence some of the poor things are waiting patiently outside until we make space. These come from a church not too far from us in...

Bathroom mirrors

Ref: 2813

We quite often get this sort of bathroom mirror in, bevelled glass in a frame with a shelf at the bottom and this little grouping all came from the nurses quarters of an old hospital. Made from Dougla...

Large simple oak surround

Ref: 2812

Ideal for a stove I reckon. This came from a large building up north dating to about 1910-22. Solid oak....

Large table

Ref: 2811

Nice big table from the recreation area of an old hospital we're working in just now. Pretty sure the legs are oak and the top is a different wood but I'm going to have to check when I get a mo as its...

Skinny combination fire

Ref: 2810

We recently removed 4 of these unusual little fires from a job we're doing up in Montrose. these are having to be removed in pitch darkness from a second floor flat and then carried down stone steps, ...

Dresser base

Ref: 2809

Another base unit we've just got in. Good thick pine top (one single chunky plank) and the usual doors n drawers. Great in the kitchen, hall or workshop. Yellow pine and 80 inches long by 36 tall and ...

Slender pine surround

Ref: 2808

Slim legged surround we recently bought from a dark and gloomy part of the old Sunnyside hospital complex up near Montrose. Dark because all the windows have been boarded up and gloomy because half th...

Marble fire surround

Ref: 2807

We bought this, like so many others, coated in paint and have recently finished stripping it and its OK. Its not the cleanest one we've ever had but its fine and is a little cheaper than normal.There...

Vintage Tunisian Flag

Ref: 2806

Tunisia's flag features a red background, with a white circle in the centre. Inside the circle is a red crescent moon and a red star. Apparently, this flag dates back to 1835 and was inspired by the O...

Embroidered Vintage Irish Linen Set

Ref: 2805

Just what you require for your breakfast in bed, Sunday brunch etc. Enclosed in the suitably vintage box is a tea cosy, a tray cloth and napkin, all embroidered with flowers. Unused and ...

Lengths of handrail

Ref: 2804

We always have various lengths of handrail in stock, but only ever keep the straight lengths and here are a few which came in yesterday from a building dating to about 1905. They were all wall mounted...

Stone plinth for a sundial

Ref: 2803

Probably really quite old, but alas missing the bronze sundial bit itself. A good and nicely finished stone column with octagonal top with some detailing around the edge and of course, a recessed area...

Ref: 2802

I don't really update the belfast sink bit of the website very often as we almost always have them in stock and they all tend to be pretty similar, but at the moment we seem to be drowning in mop sink...

Mid Century Curtain Fabric Abstract Pattern

Ref: 2801

Abstract pattern in magenta, yellow, grey and brown. Leaves in magenta with swirls and rectangles. Barkweave fabric. We have more of the same pattern, but in a different colour scheme.<...

Mid Century Curtain Fabric Abstract Pattern

Ref: 2800

Abstract pattern in dark orange, grey and shades of brown. Stylised leaves in orange with swirls and rectangles. Barkweave fabric. We have more of this design in a different colourway.

Mid Century Curtain Fabric Leaf Pattern

Ref: 2799

Mid century (1950s) curtain fabric with leaves and circles in green, dark orange, yellow, grey and brown. The pattern is leaves in circles with swirls and dots. Probably a viscose mix. T...

Vintage Tala Ice Cream Scoop

Ref: 2796

Vintage Tala ice cream scoop, made in England. Lovely wooden handle in blue, it is sturdy and works as it should. ...

Three Vintage Kitchen Utensils

Ref: 2795

Vintage Kitchen Utensils made in England. Wooden handles in a mix of yellow, cream and turquoise with chrome plated ends. Serving fork, spatula and a potato masher. Obviously some...

Slate fire surround with marbleised finish

Ref: 2794

We see lots of slate fire surrounds and back in Victorian times they would always have had a lacquer on them to make them look, well, posher. This would be in the form of a black gloss or coloured mar...

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