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Large grand amber fire surround

Ref: 2481

The sort of fire you'd expect to see in a grand west end property-shown just after it arrived, not cleaned up in any way, or even measured. We just had to quickly get it inside before the rain started...

Pair of pitch pine cupboard doors

Ref: 2480

Sizes to follow, but a lovely pair of pitch pine doors from a press. 150 years old and they aint never been painted and they look just great....

Skinny double doors

Ref: 2479

We have 3 pairs of these at the mo from a lovely old 1860's house up by Dundee. By the time we got the call to view the job, the stripping out had already started, and these were originally part of a ...

A Pair of Brass Bears

Ref: 2478

Two matching brass bears on stands.. Each bear is just over 6'' (15cm) tall (approx. 7.5'' (19cm) with stand). These look like they might have been used for lamp stands; there's a hole in their heads ...

Large grand surround

Ref: 2474

No sizes yet, but just a quick pic of a rather grand fire we bought last week....

Gothic church table

Ref: 2473

I've rather neglected to update the furniture section of the website of late, we are so short of space that any item of furniture that comes in is immediately used to put things on/in/under and then i...

Large shop cabinets

Ref: 2472

Possible the worst pics I've ever taken, but it will have to do for now. 2 sets of mahogany Victorian shop units with cupboards underneath and mirror backed shelves to the tops with original brackets ...

Chunky kitchen/workshop table

Ref: 2471

Lovely, and very old table we bought a while ago from an old farm (and then sold to a film company and then bought back again). Quite low but everything about it is solid, thick top, deep drawers etc ...

DIY project for a lover of ancient chairs

Ref: 2470

We try not to get involved with anything that needs upholstering, but we came across half a dozen of these (not matching) old Regency mahogany chairs on a job recently and its got to be worth someone ...

Pitch pine cupboard

Ref: 2469

There were so many of these in a school demolition we did a while ago, but only 2 still had their doors. 60 inches long by about 15 deep and 54.5 tall. 4 doors and shelved inside and made from good so...

Dark wood surround

Ref: 2467

I think this is cedar as its a very dark wood that looks pinky when sanded, goes black when dipped is is very light when being carried. From an 1880's cottage just north of Glasgow and in a slightly a...

Green tiled insert

Ref: 2466

Good simple tiled insert with its original back with its original green tiles, as opposed to those rather flat repro ones you see. 16 inch opening....

Large tiled insert

Ref: 2465

From a now demolished hotel in Prestwick, large Victorian tiled insert with an image of a young Victoria herself on the canopy. Its shown without tiles as the tiles holders are designed to take 8 inch...

Pine surround

Ref: 2463

We may already have a pic of these fires on the website, so apologies if its all a repetition, but we had 3 of these rather elegant fires (2 complete with overmantel mirrors). Very nice with their lit...

Mahogany fire surround

Ref: 2462

I think this dates to about 1910 and it came from a house down towards Irvine where it was in the kitchen where a range had been, hence its rather large size. Just a good simple hardwood surrou...

Tiny stove

Ref: 2461

This has to be the smallest stove we've ever had, being only 17 inches tall. Pretty little thing though and probably quite old-maybe Victorian but I'm not quite sure, anyway, its in good shape probabl...

Dark grey fleck marble surround

Ref: 2460

Lovely marble fire from the south side of Glasgow-Govanhill if I remember correctly. Nice edge to the shelf and in really great shape apart from the fact that where there should be 3 small roundels at...

Simple marble fire surround

Ref: 2459

This fire is quite a bit cheaper than the norm due to the fact that its had a gas mantle fitted to the centre of the shelf, so there's a hole (but its pretty much where you would put your clock or wha...

Unusual two tone surround

Ref: 2458

Rather unusual surround carefully made out of two contrasting types of timber, shown before we've sanded it down and waxed it which, to be honest, we're reluctant to do as its a bit of a 'marmite' fir...

Large pine surround

Ref: 2457

Had a bit of a hard life this one. It came from a farm just north of Dundee and dates to about 1800, so its quite early, and a lovely design, but its had a fair bit of 'character' given to it in the w...

Another nice couple of doors

Ref: 2456

Plenty of new doors have come in over the last few weeks, including a few from a handsome Georgian villa in East Lothian where some of the old doors still had their original 200 year old paint finish ...

Tall kitchen dresser

Ref: 2455

Poor photos of this, its so tall I can't stand far enough back to get a good image, there's just too much stuff in the yard! This great thing came from a large house in Paisley which had been s...

Rectangular Holey Mould

Ref: 2452

Rectangular wooden mould engraved with J.M. MC 2/2 & pleasingly orange inside. This splits easily & is held together by metal dowels. The code is also painted on in black. Approximately 7'' (18cm) by ...

Interestingly Shaped Mould

Ref: 2451

It looks interesting, comes apart nicely (you can really see how well this has been made) & still has the original paper label on it. Approximately 14'' (36cm) by 10'' (26cm). ...

Chunky Cruciform Mould

Ref: 2450

A good chunky looking thing this. Approximately 11'' (28cm) square. Mould number 4961 engraved on two of the ends. Signs of wear as you'd expect....

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