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Architrave with fancy top piece

Ref: 2762

This is the first set of what should hopefully be a fair few sets of matching architraves with headers. This particular one should fit a door of 36 inches wide by any height (at the moment its only ab...

Decorative pine surround with large tiled insert

Ref: 2761

Large pine surround shown after we've stripped it but before its been sealed and waxed which came from a late Victorian house in Dumbarton, shown with a pretty tiled insert from Ardrossan (or was it S...

Very fancy combination fire

Ref: 2759

Well you couldn't fit much more decoration onto this one, birds, Grecian type heads, foliage and all sorts of ribbing etc, a truly impressive piece, more a work of art than a fireplace. and probably f...

Green tiled insert

Ref: 2758

Nice tiled insert with a larger than average opening size (18 inches). It came from a large commercial property in the heart of Dundee dating to about 1870.Close up the tiles have a lovely rippled eff...

Gorebridge style pew

Ref: 2757

Just got around to making one of these pews up which we bought last year from Gorebridge outside Edinburgh. This one has been sold but we have quite a few more and, I would guess we can make them up t...

Old orange crates

Ref: 2756

Just a couple of these which must have been made in their millions but which have almost all vanished now, Its amazing how rarely we come across them. I guess they are from the 1920's and I presume th...

Pair of fancy fluted ferrous feature radiators

Ref: 2755

Having thought I'd seen every type of radiator made in this country, we've bought 2 batches of types I've never seen before within a month. alas there are only 2 of these beauties, but I've never seen...

Unusual industrial looking cast iron radiators

Ref: 2754

We've recently bought 15 of these radiators, good chunky industrial looking things. Many years ago there would have been coverings over the feet, but with one exception these are all gone now and they...

White marble fire surround

Ref: 2753

Well, officially not pure white but white with grey veining. Nice condition fire from the south side of Edinburgh dating to the 1880's.The sizes below are for the outside measurements of the surround ...

Half round sink with great iron bracket

Ref: 2752

Nice sink measuring 25 inches across and 19 from front to back which comes with its original, highly ornate cast iron bracket. I should add that there is a small hairline crack in the back wall of the...

Tiled insert and pine surround

Ref: 2751

Great typical late Victorian set up here, a nice tiled insert with original (as always) art nouveau tiles and a pine surround with a double shelf from just outside Edinburgh. All lovely and clean and ...

Grand tiled insert and surround

Ref: 2750

Rather a lovely tiled insert this, with a large opening size of 18 inches. It came from a very grand house in Edinburgh dating to the 1860's. We actually sold it a while ago, cleaned it all up and sen...

Very tall pair of glazed doors

Ref: 2749

We have a couple of pairs of these, they came from a school and were used as room dividers, so they're not strictly speaking pairs of doors, rather 2 identical doors which can be hinged to make them i...

Tiny tiny fireplace

Ref: 2748

The smallest fireplace we've ever had, and we bought it from another fireplace dealer who said it was the smallest fireplace he'd ever had too. Goodness knows what sort of surround would have fitted i...

Tiled insert in teak (?) surround

Ref: 2747

Slightly unusual tiled insert in that it doesn't have 2 panels of 6 inch tiles either side of the fire, but a mosaic of little tiles. Nice brass finials too. It came from a tenement in the Brun...

Ached insert

Ref: 2746

One of the fancier patterned inserts we see, this one with a 17 inch opening which is quite large. It dates to around 1870 and this one came from Dundee. I'm not great at updating the site when items ...

Small curved wash hand basins

Ref: 2745

So far we only have 2 of these (end May) but will hopefully get another half a dozen within the next month. They come from a school built in 1927 up north, but there's been a hitch in the demolition a...

Early horseshoe insert with pine surround

Ref: 2744

Quite early insert this, where they swoop in at the bottom, shown with a nice pine surround with an attractive edged shelf. The insert is relatively small, being 33 inches wide by 34 1/2 tall, but it ...

Decorative radiators

Ref: 2743

3 nice fancy radiators we've just got in. Heavy as, though a lot of this will be the thick thick white paint hiding the patterned surface. Like all our radiators, we can arrange to get them re ...

Cast iron barley twist spindles

Ref: 2742

We've just picked up 70 of these which match a large ish batch we already had, so plenty available (May 2019) generally between 35 and 37 inches tall....

5 door golf lockers

Ref: 2741

I know we have these golf lockers here and there on the website, but we bought the bones of so many of them... So this is the latest one we have reconstructed, using some of the oldest and more...

Another style of pew

Ref: 2740

These came from a little job we did last year, from a beautiful little church outside Edinburgh, it was called Cockpen and Carrington parish church ( or was it Carrington and Cockpen?). We only had 3 ...

Bench ends

Ref: 2739

Great to see a few sets of bench ends now summer is coming, we've never had so many- 4 pairs now, and these are the latest rustic patterned ones to come in. In need of new timbers, but this isn't real...

A typical selection

Ref: 2737

Having done this for some time now, I rather forget to put up new pics of things like belfast sinks as we always have a few in stock, and there isn't that much variety in what we get, but as of May, h...

Kilmaurs style pew

Ref: 2736

We must have done this job last year, and we've sold quite a few of these pews, but for some reason we've never got around to putting an image up on the website. So here we are, from a really pretty l...

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