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Bakelite MK Double Socket Outlet Switched 13 amp

Ref: 2536

Original, vintage and unused double Bakelite socket, still with the original screws attached for fitting. These have been sitting, waiting patiently to be used for who knows how long, in a box in a ga...

Large Square Bakelite Light Switch

Ref: 2535

Original vintage Bakelite switch with concealed ceramic base. Approx. 2 7/8in (7.3cm) square, height including knob approx. 2.5in (6.5cm). Very much in the Art Deco style....

Jelly Mould Light Switch

Ref: 2534

Vintage ceramic and brass dolly light switch. Ceramic base approx. 2.5in (6.5cm) in diameter, full height including the knob approx. 2.3in (6cm). In fully working condition, probably because there's v...

Ceramic and Brass Crabtree Light Switch

Ref: 2533

1 Way Vintage Ceramic & Brass Light Switch Approx. 2.25’’ (5.7cm) in diameter and 4.5cm deep. White vitreous ceramic & brass 1-way light switch made in England by Crabtree.

Large Enamel Bread Bin

Ref: 2532

An original vintage bread bin with plenty of space for crumpets, muffins et al. Approx. 14in tall / 35cm (including the lid knob), diameter 11in (28.5cm), 14.25in if you include the blue handles. Whit...

Small Vintage Picture Frames

Ref: 2531

The shape of these is somewhat house-like to my mind. These have a nifty opening system as you can see in the picture & are 7in (18cm) by 4.8in (12.5cm). Small but pleasing & all come with their origi...

Vintage Scarlet Hexagon Lamp Shade

Ref: 2530

Approx. 6.5in (16.5cm) tall by 6.75in (17cm) wide. In bright red plastic. The diamond pattern is raised up with slightly textured plastic squares. Gives a lovely warm glow; great for a entrance....

The first of an awful lot of small cupboards

Ref: 2529

Indeed, We're currently stripping out the locker rooms of a large golf club on the south side of the city and have lots of these cupboards. The main pic shows how a few of them have come out, tall thi...

Enormously long Belfast sinks

Ref: 2528

At 72 inches, or 6 feet long these are the longest sinks we've ever had. They were used in a washroom of a factory and due to the recent icy weather we haven't cleaned them up yet. 15 inches from fron...

Tiled combination fire

Ref: 2527

Nice tiled combination fire from Largs dating to the 1880's . We bought it with another more or less matching combination, but without tiles shown earlier on the website....

Large white marble fire surround

Ref: 2526

Good big marble fire surround from the centre of Glasgow and dating to the 1870's. A little bit of extra detail in that it has inner legs capped by small mouldings which hold up the facia. It has a co...

Small doors for wall cladding

Ref: 2525

Ideal for cladding a wall in a cafe etc, we have lots of these available from an old golf club house. See our 'door,shutters' section for more details....

Dozens of small doors

Ref: 2524

We are currently stripping out the club house of a large golf club and whilst we are trying to re use the lockers, we will have dozens of these locker doors left over. Made from pine and dating to bet...

Butchers scales

Ref: 2523

Nice meaty set of scales from a butchers shop made from finest, cleanest chrome. The weight moves along the graded bar which gives the weight of the hanging body below. The main bit is 43 inche...

Classic art deco light

Ref: 2521

Lovely thing this. A classic art deco light. Its been painted gold and I haven't tried to strip it yet and don't know if its brass or chrome. The shade just sits on it, it isn't fixed and its really t...

Brass rise and fall light

Ref: 2520

Good Victorian rise and fall light. You pull the middle and this causes the weight to go up and down, lowering and raising the light, a great mechanism, but never dump it in a box and get the wires al...

Brass lantern

Ref: 2519

One of a batch of lights we recently bought. Most of the glass is missing but it would be easy enough to replace. Nicely detailed and dating, I think, to the 1920's...

Fireplace for an old fossil

Ref: 2518

Last summer I posted a pic of some great ammonites we found on our holidays down in Dorset, and carrying on with the theme, here's an ammonite-y tiled insert we've just bought. Quite an unusual beast....

Glass and chrome hanging light

Ref: 2517

This is one of those lights that I really don't know how to date; it looks very modern in its style, and yet there are signs that it might be from the '50's or almost the '20's ( I have at home a love...

Wire lockers

Ref: 2516

We have 4 of these from the old engine works in Springburn, each one about 6 ft tall with a hinged door and separate foot locker bit. I believe the idea was that damp clothing could air freely in this...

Brass rim locks

Ref: 2515

Not Georgian, but that kind of style, we have a few of these from a large Victorian house we did some work on recently. Unfortunately, as is often the case, we have far more locks than keepers. Shown ...

Dark surround and tiled insert

Ref: 2513

This set up shows a fire that is a bit cheaper than some of our others, as the surround, which is pine, has been stained, so it has to remain like this or be painted, and the insert is a reproduction ...

Pine surround and tiled insert

Ref: 2512

This surround is lucky to still be about. From a cottage that was being demolished outside Falkirk, half the building had been pushed over and we could see this half buried by rubble. It was too dange...

Small pine surround with tiled insert

Ref: 2511

Very pretty this one. Its a small pine surround, still waiting to be stripped, with a little tiled insert (13.5 inch opening) with some of the loveliest tiles I've seen, pansies in an art nouveau styl...

Very large black marble fire surround

Ref: 2510

There's a pic of this earlier on the website (ref 2334 ) prior to its removal, but we've finally got round to setting it up at work which was a bit of a job as the shelf is so heavy (its 2.5 inches th...

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