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Jelly Mould Light Switches Refurbished and Compliant

Ref: 2859

Vintage ceramic and brass dolly light switch. Ceramic base approx. 2.6in (6.6cm) in diameter, full height including the knob approx. 2.25in (5.7cm). With a satisfying click. These have been fu...

Hall lantern

Ref: 2858

I think this is from the 1920's, the sort of thing that would suit a small vestibule or porch. wrought iron and glass....

Marbled glass shade

Ref: 2857

Pretty little shade (and it is quite small) with its original 3 armed hanger which might be brass underneath. lovely pale purple and green swirls in the marbling, probably from the 1920's....

Pair of brass topped milk glass lights

Ref: 2856

Nice pair of lights (which can be sold individually) with polished brass caps dating to the beginning of the last century....

Milk glass school lights

Ref: 2855

Anyone who has been down to our yard will have noticed dozens of these lights stashed wherever they are out of harms way, we have about 60 available in various sizes and with differing apertures at th...

A much smaller range

Ref: 2854

Unlike the next one on our website, this dinky little range is typical of the sort of one you would get in either a cottage , or in the back room of a shop (where this came from) from the days when a ...

THE ARGYLL kitchen range

Ref: 2853

Always a challenge to get out of a building, always a challenge to repair, and also to store, clean and deliver but I can't help myself, I just like them. This large and impressive range, called 'THE ...

Latest leaded glass windows

Ref: 2852

Just when we were getting a bit low, in come half a dozen new pieces of leaded glass from a 1920's house in Grangemouth. Lots of colour here and various sizes, all about 23 1/2 inches tall, but either...

Large leaded glass panel

Ref: 2850

Now this came from a magnificent mansion up in Argyll which was at least early Georgian, though this may be a later addition. The house had been more or less empty since the war when it was used to ho...

Large roof light

Ref: 2849

Rather large at 48 inches by 69 this could be taken apart to use all the lovely individual bits of original glass, long sections of red flash glass (a double layer fused together and bits of the red c...

Pair of painted glass window panels

Ref: 2848

Lovely pair, though I don't mind selling these separately, of windows from a tenement in the Woodlands area. They are actually in a much taller frame with clear glass above and these painted vanity sc...

Single tall piece of etched glass

Ref: 2847

This was obviously the side panel beside a vestibule door and we've left it in its frame for safety, and anyway, someone may want to use it. It measures 12 inches across by 39 tall approx....

Leaded top sash with shield

Ref: 2846

We see a lot of glass with various versions of 'the shield' often from the Kings Park area but at the moment this is the only one we have left.The frame measures 24 inches across by 31 1/2...

Leaded top sash with thistle

Ref: 2845

The last of a few of these that we removed from a large old Victorian house near Wishaw which came down at the end of last year. Nice stylised thistles and so on. This one does have 2 of the corner pi...

Painted glass top sash

Ref: 2844

We have one of these left out of a much larger batch. Very attractive, but not so easy to use as the window comprises 6 separate pieces, so it has to stay in its frame.Some of the bits are very darkly...

Really lovely pair of painted side panels

Ref: 2843

Terrific these. Pair of late Victorian panels which could be put into a door or used either side of one. Still retaining their original vibrant colours. Measuring 46 1/2 inches wide by 6 1/2 wide...

Pair of etched glass side lights

Ref: 2842

A good pair of Victorian panels for either side of a doorway, measuring 50 1/2 inches tall by 6 wide....

Pair of etched glass panels

Ref: 2841

Great pair of etched panels which were originally either side of a wide doorway. They look like they have a few scratches on them, but they don't, its a clear laminated sheet that's on them (which wil...

Etched glass panel from a vestibule door

Ref: 2840

Lovely Victorian panel from a vestibule door, not something we get very often at all, after all, who would replace one? and when we do come across one, it tends to still be in a door, which is how we ...

Lovely etched glass vestibule door panel

Ref: 2839

We actually had the whole door at one time but it was sadly too far gone and had to be put down, it was the kindest thing to do really. Its a classic Victorian design ( and original of course) featuri...

Tall piece of etched glass

Ref: 2838

A lonely single piece of glass, probably from a screen at the side of a grand doorway but it would look great in a door as long as the door was very very tall and very very skinny. It measures 63 inch...

Simple etched glass panel

Ref: 2837

We had a few of these from a building that came down last year dating to about 1910. some were from the (butchered) doors and some from the panels above, they measure 24 inches by 26 and 25 3/3 by 42 ...

pair of painted glass panels

Ref: 2836

Nice pair of painted glass art nouveau panels measuring 30 1/2 inches high by 31 wide each. Some, if not all the people looking at these pics will notice a remarkable similarity between this pa...

3 piece set of painted glass

Ref: 2835

Originally from a bay window in a large Victorian house, 2 art nouveau edge pieces with a typical rural idyll type image in the centre panel. they are all 30 1/2 inches tall and the side ones are 31 w...

Slim panel of decorative etched glass

Ref: 2834

Originally from a skinny Victorian door which was sadly/badly twisted, should be ok for a bathroom door or something. Measures 16 inches by 48....

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