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Douglas fir planks

Ref: 2882

We always have a lot of planks from disassembled pews and I haven't put any pics up on line for a while now, but we generally always have yellow pine, almost always have pitch pine and here we have Do...

Typical selection of wash hand basins

Ref: 2881

We pretty much always have some old wash hand basins in stock, rarely actually Victorian but usually from the 1920's to 30's. We try to be quite fussy about condition but over the years we have built ...

Double shelf sink

Ref: 2880

Ah, my favourite design, the classic 1930's angle fronted sink with the stylish double shelf. Soap below and a glass of water on the top, Its the business. Getting harder and harder to get now....

Double shelf sink

Ref: 2879

Another one of these, measuring 25 1/2 inches across by 19 from from to back. Slightly more modern than the previous one but still a classic design. For a wash hand basin to look good in my books it s...

Corner sink

Ref: 2877

Slightly more unusual, and ideal for a tight space. Not as old as some of our residents, from the 1940's I'd say. From the back corner along each long side is about 17 1/2 inches....

Mop sinks

Ref: 2876

Fresh from one of the main RBS buildings in Edinburgh, quite a lot of mop sinks, not especially old, but consequently in very good condition....

Pedestal basin

Ref: 2875

Just back from a stint being rented out for a film shoot, good typical angled corner basin measuring 25 1/4 inches by 18 1/2. Though it looks like your classic Shanks 'Trevor' this is actually ...

Large ish Belfast sinks

Ref: 2874

4 of these from a school we've been working on recently measuring 30 inches by 18. All in very good condition....

Even larger Belfast sinks

Ref: 2873

The biggest 2 off the job, measuring 37 inches long by 21 and shown here before we've cleaned them, though they look really very good under their superficial layer of 'stuff'...

Small belfast sinks

Ref: 2872

We've recently bought about 24 of these little sinks from an old school that is being refurbished. Most are stored outside as its not the weather to spend a day washing them all out, but I've cleaned ...

Bakelite & Ceramic Light Switch Fully Refurbished and Compli

Ref: 2870

1 Way Vintage Bakelite & Ceramic Light Switch Approx. 2.25in (5.7cm) in diameter and 4.5cm deep. Classic brown Bakelite and vitreous ceramic 1-way light switch made in England by Tucker ...

Original Bakelite Toggle Light Switch Fully Refurbished and

Ref: 2869

1 Way Vintage Bakelite & Ceramic Light Switch Approx. 2.25in’ (5.7cm) in diameter and 4.5cm deep. Classic brown Bakelite and vitreous ceramic 1-way light switch made in England. ...

Vintage Multicoloured Faux Abalone and Chrome Pull Handles

Ref: 2868

Original Mid Century Pull Handles Faux Abalone and Chrome A pair of faux abalone shell vintage pull handles with chrome feet. Absolutely fantastic colours in these and in really good vintage co...

Latest talked insert

Ref: 2867

I've always liked the look of pink tiles in a black insert, like this. Good simple casting with rather unusual bars on the front. 16 inch opening. Having looked at the pic, it looks a bi...

The last Dundee pew

Ref: 2866

We cleared this church almost 9 years ago now, the Steeple church in the centre of Dundee and I always knew we had one small cut down pew left to re assemble and now its finally been done. A magnifice...

3 arm hanging light

Ref: 2865

I really have no idea how old this is, I'm guessing 1950's? but are the shades more modern? I always think that if I cannot tell then it means that at least its a good item, well made and looking good...

Deco toilet

Ref: 2864

Great condition deco toilet with classic chamfered corners and still with its original seat (which is a tricky shape to get now). Its quite low, but I guess thats just the design, it came from a stand...

Pedestal basin

Ref: 2863

Getting a bit thin on the ground as time passes. Good pedestal basin with classic chamfered corners, 26 3/4 inches wide by 21 1/2 from front to back. If you're wondering, the central hole is where the...

Fancy painted glass deco shade

Ref: 2862

Actually its a transfer, not hand painted, but it looks the business. From the 1930's these give off a lovely soft light when lit up. The top is base metal and will not polish....

Bathroom light

Ref: 2861

Nice little bathroom light with a square chrome fitting. Having recently done up our bathroom I can tell you that all bathroom lights need to be fixed to a fitting like this as planning folk now frown...

Another brass topped light

Ref: 2860

In a quiet spell we have finally got round to doing a bit of sorting out, and thus another light gets re assembled. from 1910-20...

Jelly Mould Light Switches Refurbished and Compliant

Ref: 2859

Vintage ceramic and brass dolly light switch. Ceramic base approx. 2.6in (6.6cm) in diameter, full height including the knob approx. 2.25in (5.7cm). With a satisfying click. These have been fu...

Hall lantern

Ref: 2858

I think this is from the 1920's, the sort of thing that would suit a small vestibule or porch. wrought iron and glass....

Marbled glass shade

Ref: 2857

Pretty little shade (and it is quite small) with its original 3 armed hanger which might be brass underneath. lovely pale purple and green swirls in the marbling, probably from the 1920's....

Pair of brass topped milk glass lights

Ref: 2856

Nice pair of lights (which can be sold individually) with polished brass caps dating to the beginning of the last century....

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