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Brass Toilet Roll Holder

Ref: 3283

Original brass toilet roll holder with black wooden spindle. Complete with screw fixings. Brass back plate approximately 13cm wide, full height including wooden spindle 12cm. Good and heavy and entire...

Small Brass Pointy Name Plate

Ref: 3281

Brass frame originally from the end of a pew. This would be screwed onto the pew and you could slip your name card into it to designate your personal pew. Approximately 11cm long (including the screw ...

Heated towel rail

Ref: 3275

We generally have a few heated towel rails but I'm whittling down our stock and from now on am only going to buy in ones that are bottom fed as they are much easier to instal. This one has the added a...

Large overmantel mirror

Ref: 3271

Nice late Georgian or early Victorian overmantel mirror with authentically foxed glass. One of the looped finials on the top corner has been lost (recently by the look of it) and I think it might be b...

Large Shanks 'Trevor' deco basin

Ref: 3270

The classic. We used to get these fairly regularly but they have all but dried up now, this being only the second in this larger size (25 1/4 inches wide) that we've had since last Christmas, and its ...

Iron overhead cistern

Ref: 3268

Becoming a bit of a rarity nowadays, Iron overhead cistern embossed with the plumbers name 'Weir of Edinburgh' This comes with its original decorative brackets (one screw hole damaged on one bracket o...

Plunger wash hand basin with decorative bracket

Ref: 3267

What a peach this is. We've been very low on sanitary ware of late and were pleased to be able to buy this very early wash hand basin which has a sort of plunger mechanism as opposed to a plug...

Almost a really lovely toilet

Ref: 3266

Actually very nice, very early and covered with relief patters but alas cracked at the top at the back. Now where the crack is isn't even under the water line so its not going to leak, and it would mo...

Original Brass Umbrella Holders / Rails

Ref: 3258

Originally attached to the ends of pews to hang your umbrellas. Not really hooks, but they could be used hang things. A more elegant way to display your towels perhaps? Approximately 30cm from foot to...

Antique Rose Brass Globe Handles

Ref: 3256

Original globe shaped handles on rectangular backplates. The knobs are approximately 8cm tall and around 4.8cm in diameter, backplates 15.3cm by 5.1cm....

Original Large Round Handles With Backplates

Ref: 3255

A good sized original handle on a rectangular backplate. The knobs are approximately 6.5cm tall and around 5.5cm in diameter, backplates 15.2cm by 5.5cm. This is for one pair and we may have a few mor...

Single Ivory Bakelite Handle With Red Collar

Ref: 3251

This would be happy in an English Rose kitchen or similar. An original single door handle in a great colour combination, knob approximately 6cm tall, red collar approximately 6cm in diameter....

Original Oval Bakelite Handles

Ref: 3242

Oval Bakelite knobs with circular collars. Knobs are approximately 5.2cm tall and collars are 5.4cm in diameter. This listing is for one pair and we have several available. ...

Original Large White Enamel Cup and Utensil Holder

Ref: 3233

Unusual to see an enamel cup holder compared to the usual chrome, this one is larger than most. It protrudes approximately 5in (12.7cm) , inner cup holder diameter 2.4in (6cm). A little wear to the en...

Original Cast Iron Hook

Ref: 3230

An original cast iron hat and coat hook. A simple design with oval backplate. Full length is approximately 14cm and the top hook protrudes around 7.5cm. This listing is for a single hook. ...

Cast Iron Hook With Chain Design Detail

Ref: 3229

An original cast iron hat and coat hook with chain design on the body and shaped, reeded backplate. Full length is approximately 11cm and the top hook protrudes around 9.5cm. This listing is for a sin...

Cast Iron Hat and Coat Hook with Coppery Finish

Ref: 3228

This has a flat shaped upper hook designed for your hat. Gentle curves and a shapely backplate, with a coppery finish. Full length is approximately 11cm and the top hook protrudes around 8.5cm. This l...

Cast Iron Hat and Coat Hook

Ref: 3227

Similar to reference :3226, but with a differently shaped back plate. A nice curve to the ends and a shapely backplate, with a more slender profile than some of our other styles. Full length is approx...

Fancy Iron Hat and Coat Hooks

Ref: 3226

These are lovely little hooks, a nice curve to the ends and a shapely backplate, with a more slender profile than some of our other styles. Full length is approximately 11cm and the top hook protrudes...

Original Walnut Bakelite Tulip Handles with Round Collars

Ref: 3223

Original Tulip shaped knobs with round collars in heavy original Bakelite in a warm shade of walnut Bakelite. Very similar to our other Tulip Bakelite handles, just in a slightly warmer shade. ...

Original Round Bakelite Handles

Ref: 3222

Original round knobs with round collars. Knobs are approximately 6.5cm tall and collars are 5.6cm in diameter. This listing is for one pair....

Arts and Crafts Sprung Letterbox

Ref: 3202

Original Arts and Crafts cast iron sprung letterbox with a hammered finish. Approximately 18cm long, effective opening 11cm and designed to be fitted vertically. Registration no. 496194 1949 on rever...

Original Kenrick Cast Iron Sprung Letterbox No. 43

Ref: 3200

Decorative cast iron letterplate / box by Archibald Kenrick, design No. 43. Complete with original fixings and a new spring. Approximately 19.3cm wide with an opening of around 14.7cm. This has a goo...

Original Antique Brass Finger Plate

Ref: 3199

Original brass finger plate with shaped and raised corners ending in an elegant point. Approximately 26.7cm long by 8.8cm wide in good quality brass....

Original Rose Brass Vacant / Engaged Bathroom Lock

Ref: 3198

Far more common to see these in chrome, here we have one in a beautiful coppery brass. Dating from the early 20th century. Over its years of use, some keen polisher has worn away some of the print fro...

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