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Pitch pine spindles with handrails

Ref: 2162

We have several lengths of this lovely ballustrading from a job in central Glasgow. The amount of work thats gone into making it would have been enormous and it feels really good to be able to save it...

Art nouveau cast iron double gates

Ref: 2140

Rare rare rare. Original cast iron gates from the foundry with their original posts. Lovely art nouveau design and they look to be in perfect condition, no cracks or pieces missing, and thats unusual....

Garden edging

Ref: 2138

Me and my middle son had to dig these out from a house about to be pulled down a couple of weeks ago. Never seen ones like them before, a square one (at 6 1/4 inches) and then a fancier one ( at 4 1/2...

Pair of green painted school cupboards

Ref: 2133

These don't need to be sold as a pair but if they are to be split up then we will need to do a bit of remedial work to the cornice, but we can do that. They came from a school in Leith and look...


Ref: 2132

Maybe not the oldest thing in the world, from the '50's? but a right sturdy long bench/sideboard/beginnings of a kitchen with a really thick top on it. I think you could chop up dead animals for years...

Wooden surround with tiled insert

Ref: 2122

There's something about these two that I really like. Very attractive surround which I think should remain painted (not sure if it would strip that well), I like the way there are the extra little blo...

Tiled insert

Ref: 2121

Shown prior to us cleaning it up, quite a nice tiled insert we got from a flat off the Great western rd. Officially its a bedroom fire as it only has a 14 inch opening, but its all complete and would ...

metal fans

Ref: 2114

Alas already sold, but well worth putting a pic up, for folk to see. I think they're off to an industrial themed night club in Edinburgh....


Ref: 2107

Despite its (treated) wormy central spar, this is still a good tough old trolley made by the one and only 'Slingsby'. It has M.O.W stamped on the sides which I assume is for the Ministry of work?...

Vintage metal cabinets

Ref: 2103

From a factory in Edinburgh, nice couple of old cabinets (30 inches wide by 18 deep and 6 feet tall ). One looks a little older than the other and has a nicer handle and more prominent butt hinges (th...

Shakespeare glass

Ref: 2102

In deed, verily tis good fortune to come across this piece of glass during the anniversary of the good mans birth (or is it his death?). It originated in a bank in Newcastle and looks as if it ...

tressle/table base

Ref: 2101

Ah, a sad tale. This is the old base of the mixing mechanism from the company that used to make all the shellac we use. The place has only been going for a hundred years or so, and now its to be demol...

Terrific Georgian pine and gesso fire surround

Ref: 2099

One of 4 original pine and gesso surrounds we recently bought which were in storage from an old development on Queen street in Edinburgh's new town, we also bought some of the mangled remains of the b...

Georgian pine and gesso surround

Ref: 2097

The 3rd out of 4 original pine and gesso surrounds that we recently bought from a storage unit where they've lain for many years having originally come from Queen St in Edinburghs new town (apparently...

Classic art deco light

Ref: 2095

Just like the one in my kitchen, and I've got taste! Couldn't get much more art deco than this. Out of interest, we saw very similar lights being used on the film set for 'the boy in the...

brass lights

Ref: 2094

We have 4 of these from a church we were recently working in. The brass could easily be polished up but is quite lightweight, and some of the little bits below the bulbs have splits-see the pic. they ...

Novelty table base

Ref: 2091

I just couldn't leave this behind. Maybe someone could use it as a table base with a slab of slate or something on top. This old stove came from the basement of a shop on Argyll st, measures 27 inches...

Bearsden gold spindles

Ref: 2079

We have 28 of these (june 2016) from a house up in Bearsden measuring between 36-39 inches long. The stair they came from was very tight and steep and a couple of the spindles have the very top flour...

Shoe rack bench things

Ref: 2076

No prizes for guessing we've recently stripped out a school. We have about 8 of these pine benches dating to about 1920-30 in the following lengths; 73 inches,89,90,91,93 and 128, all approx as some h...

Plain pine surround and insert

Ref: 2074

Typical simple pine surround which we bough already stripped but looking a little tired-so we intend to give it a good rub down and tidy up the feet shown with a square but decorative insert. The inse...

Massive chunky oak fire

Ref: 2073

We've not restored this yet, so its not looking its best (it needs a shelf and one or two mouldings replaced). Its a really chunky thing full of detail. For some reason it looks like the sort of fire ...

bedroom combination

Ref: 2072

How to sell this one? simple or plain, sounds a bit negative. Try again Attractive fire with clean lines and original back dating to around 1900-10. 12 inch grate. That'll...

Cast iron surround.

Ref: 2069

Just finished doing this one up, poor thing's been languishing in a back room for some years with a broken leg.All fixed now and looking good, in fact perfect for a stove. Its strange to see a cast su...

Sold double doors

Ref: 2065

I know they are now sold but I had to put a pic of these doors up, they are about the nicest pair of double doors we've ever had. Pitch pine with all their original bevelled glass panels intact-now in...

mahogany top counter/kitchen cupboard

Ref: 2064

Shown here before we cleaned and sanded the top back to its former glory-and it looks wonderful now. This came from a large factory complex way up north and was in the head office. I was by myself and...

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