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Victorian Brass Lady Escutcheon

Ref: 3095

Original Victorian escutcheon approximately 5.2m tall complete with fixings. We have a few brass ladies, all similar, but subtly different....

Victorian Brass Beehive Escutcheon

Ref: 3094

Original Victorian Beehive escutcheon approximately 6.3cm tall. We don't see many of these. Complete with fixings....

Victorian Brass Lady Escutcheon

Ref: 3092

Original Victorian escutcheon approximately 5.9cm tall complete with fixings. We have a few brass ladies, all similar, but subtly different....

Original Wooden Handles with Floral Brass Collars

Ref: 3061

Original wooden handles from a university building. We have four pairs of these available and two pairs in a slightly darker wood. An uncommon style with the brass collar. Height including the brass c...

Victorian Brass Lady Escutcheon

Ref: 3050

Original Victorian 'brass lady' escutcheon. Approximately 2.5in tall and we have 2 of this design available. This listing is for a single escutcheon. Comes with brass screws for fixing....

Chrome Toilet Roll Holder

Ref: 3009

Well everyone needs one, so it might as well be as shiny as this. Wall mounted chrome holder with wooden spindle for your essentials. Approx. 14.5cm the base. Comes with shiny chrome screws fo...

Chrome Cup Holder

Ref: 3007

Art Deco cup holder with handy drainage hole. Cup holder & arm depth is approx 11.5cm & height of holder is 5.2cm. Comes with shiny chrome screws for fixing to your wall....

Rectangular Handles with Square Collars

Ref: 2989

Rectangular Bakelite handles with square collars Knobs are approximately 2.25in (5.7cm) long and collars are 2.25in square. Number available 2 pairs This listing is for one pair o...

Art Deco Bakelite Handles with Backplate

Ref: 2986

Stylish Hexagonal knobs with Art Deco backplates Backplates approx. 7in (18cm) long. This listing is for one pair only. We have 2 pairs available. ...

Vintage Aluminium and Plastic School Coat Hooks Atomic

Ref: 2916

Black, white and cream, these make a lovely row for the hanging of coats and hats and anything else needing a home. In an atomic style. From top ball to bottom hook it's about 13cm (5in), the t...

Slick Vintage White Ceramic & Brass Light Switch

Ref: 2901

1 Way Vintage Ceramic & Brass Light Switch Approx. 2.25in (5.7cm) in diameter and 4.5cm deep. White vitreous ceramic & brass 1-way light switch made in England by Slick. The whit...

Large Antique Ordnance Survey Map of Pollokshaws Road

Ref: 2892

Ordnance Survey Map - 25 inch 2nd edition, Scotland, 1892-1895. Surveyed in 1893; published 1894. Approximately 99.5cm x 67cm (39.25'' x 26.5'') including margins. Scale 1:500. Lanarkshire. Gl...

Large ish Belfast sinks

Ref: 2874

4 of these from a school we've been working on recently measuring 30 inches by 18. All in very good condition....

Even larger Belfast sinks

Ref: 2873

The biggest 2 off the job, measuring 37 inches long by 21 and shown here before we've cleaned them, though they look really very good under their superficial layer of 'stuff'...

The last Dundee pew

Ref: 2866

We cleared this church almost 9 years ago now, the Steeple church in the centre of Dundee and I always knew we had one small cut down pew left to re assemble and now its finally been done. A magnifice...

Garden railings

Ref: 2819

Nigh on impossible things to get, here we have 4 sections of decorative railings from the Lion foundry in Kirkintilloch, each section measuring 48 inches long. A little bit of damage on some of them. ...

Large simple oak surround

Ref: 2812

Ideal for a stove I reckon. This came from a large building up north dating to about 1910-22. Solid oak....

Large pine surround

Ref: 2792

Very nice pine surround in really good condition from the 1880's shown with a large arched insert which we haven't had extended as it is already 42 inches sq, with an 18 in opening....

Large kitchen dresser

Ref: 2772

Recently removed from a local manse, and thank goodness it comes in 2 parts, great unit that would really make a kitchen. Pine and dating to the 1880's. The only slight issue, which is always the case...

Ref: 2770

Good sized leaded glass panel from a large church in Kilmarnock, and one of several we currently have (see next item on the site). These all have various religious texts about lambs and stuff. I'm not...

Large piece of leaded glass

Ref: 2769

Originally part of a large window (there would have been 3 or 4 on top of each other making a taller window), rather nice panel featuring flowers etc. Its actually shown on its side, the border with t...

Very fancy combination fire

Ref: 2759

Well you couldn't fit much more decoration onto this one, birds, Grecian type heads, foliage and all sorts of ribbing etc, a truly impressive piece, more a work of art than a fireplace. and probably f...

Pair of fancy fluted ferrous feature radiators

Ref: 2755

Having thought I'd seen every type of radiator made in this country, we've bought 2 batches of types I've never seen before within a month. alas there are only 2 of these beauties, but I've never seen...

White marble fire surround

Ref: 2753

Well, officially not pure white but white with grey veining. Nice condition fire from the south side of Edinburgh dating to the 1880's.The sizes below are for the outside measurements of the surround ...

Very tall pair of glazed doors

Ref: 2749

We have a couple of pairs of these, they came from a school and were used as room dividers, so they're not strictly speaking pairs of doors, rather 2 identical doors which can be hinged to make them i...

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