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Chunkier cast iron spindles

Ref: 2283

These will look a bit confusing when seen with the following listing as the images are the same (but we will sell them separately). They came from a stair where the chunkier spindles alternated...

The most popular style of cast spindle

Ref: 2221

Indeed. This is the style you see in so many buildings in Glasgow and Edinburgh and presumably in many other towns and cities, and yet its a style we don't get very often. Most of our stock of spindle...

Turquoise painted iron spindles

Ref: 2200

48 (as of Dec 2016) of these lovely cast spindles I took out of a church last week. The church, in central Glasgow was built in the 1880's. Pretty design and I rather like the colour (the handrail was...

Pitch pine spindles with handrails

Ref: 2162

We have several lengths of this lovely ballustrading from a job in central Glasgow. The amount of work thats gone into making it would have been enormous and it feels really good to be able to save it...

Bearsden gold spindles

Ref: 2079

We have 28 of these (june 2016) from a house up in Bearsden measuring between 36-39 inches long. The stair they came from was very tight and steep and a couple of the spindles have the very top flour...

Edinburgh new towns finest

Ref: 2067

Well, you do get fancier ones but these are pretty good.These would have alternated down the stairs with a fancy and then a simple one and were only removed as a basement area was being turned into a ...

Chunky newel post

Ref: 2026

A really heavy cast iron newel post, a right beauty, that we bought via accidental good fortune. Going to Aberdeen before christmas the Forth bridge was shut, so we had to go via the M9, but this was ...

chunky pitch pine spindles

Ref: 1947

We have about 39 of these from a staircase which was removed from a grand house in Edinburgh recently. Some are from the landing (and so flat on the top/base) but most are cut at an angle. They are al...

Fat chunky cast spindles

Ref: 1865

we have about 7 of these measuring 38 inches tall. There is some variance in the proportions of the design so that if they were installed in a row they would look a bit different, but on a staircase ...

barleytwist timber spindles

Ref: 1812

Good run of pitch pine spindles we recently bought from the old Langside college. Not the easiest things to make and I really like the way they taper in towards to top. Should strip easily as well....

Wooden Spindles

Ref: 1795

We have a lot of these just now from an ongoing job we're doing in Edinburgh. They are pitch pine and we have about 70 of them, so far. We have noticed that one of the balconies they came off was newe...

Fancy newel post

Ref: 1711

About as nice a newel post as you will see.52 inches high and with a good undamaged base....

Early Cast Spindles

Ref: 1604

We have 29 of these (june 2013) measuring between 35 and 42 inches long. Fairly unusual pattern with a central bar with a foliated branch curling around it. These came from a house which was recently ...

Newel posts

Ref: 1406

Sorry but these are now sold and being reinstated in a lovely house near Doune....

cast iron spindles

Ref: 1278

These came from a house in Prestwick and we only have 8 of them unfortunately. They were originally intersperced with a simpler spindle. 36 inches tall....

cast iron spindles

Ref: 1254

Probably the prettiest spindles I've seen, really very delicate with very fine detailing and in great condition. Unfortunately we only have 5 available. 36 inches tall....

cast iron spindle

Ref: 1239

One of the most common styles of spindle around, though the proportions can vary slightly, there are 26 in this batch at between 36 and 41 inches. info correct as of 26/7/2011....

cast iron spindle

Ref: 1237

Like the previous spindles, these came from the old heart of the city. There are only 6 available at about 39 inches and a couple of them have one of the sticky-out curl bits missing, but they are suc...

cast iron spindles

Ref: 1068

We have about 23 of these at between 33 and 38 inches tall as of 25/7/2011 I was once told that although these are a relatively common pattern, they are about the most difficult to cast due to ...

cast iron spindles

Ref: 1067

We have about 5 of these as of 20/06/13 and they measure between about 34 and 38 inches. They match a large set we had from Bute a year or so ago which were painted red and which may still be o...

wooden spindles

Ref: 1048

We took these out last week along with the newel post seen below. Its a good run of 44 spindles with their handrails and base rails. Quite detailed and made of pine, probably pitch....

newel post

Ref: 1047

We seem to have rather a lot of newel posts at the moment, and it has to be admitted that they are things we haven't really tried to promote in the past, but this is about as nice as we get. Its pitch...

wooden spindles

Ref: 1043

My current favourite wooden spindles, or does that sound a bit obscure? These came from Princes street in Edinburgh and are pitch pine and very classical in their appearance, tapering slightly ...

wooden spindle

Ref: 1042

We must have at least 30 of these timber spindles which came from a job we did in the summer on Princes street in Edinburgh. They are of great quality, and I imagine a tapering barleytwist spindle is ...

Fancy iron spindles

Ref: 1016

About as nice a spindle as you could wish for. They came from a building on Princes street in Edinburgh, the top floors of which hadn't been touched for decades. We had various other things from this ...

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