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When we do our work in a church, we often obtain up to 20 or 30 pews of one style. We cut these roughly to length on site and are then able to re-attach the ends to whatever length is required (though this is sometimes dictated by the panel sizes on the backs.
They look great in hallways. I have one in my kitchen and the are always popular in cafes and pubs. Even Barter Books in Northumberland is kitted out with our pews.THIS STYLE NOW SOLD OUT

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Greenock Baptist pew

Ref: 2540

Very nice pitch pine pew we've just made up for someone, though we have another 8 or so left. They came from Greenock Baptist church, though originally they came from another church to replace the one...

Oak pews

Ref: 2326

We've just bought 2 of these choir stalls from a large church in the east end of the city. each one is 114 inches long and separated into individual seats. The person who designed the church was invol...

Fancy oak pew

Ref: 2078

We have a couple of these left from a church in Kilmarnock measuring 105 inches long (also shown is one we shortened down for someone at 52 inches-we can cut them down but are tied to cutting where th...

communion table/reredos/bedhead/hallstand

Ref: 1797

Magnificent looking piece we removed from a church on Great Western Rd recently, though we were told that it originated on one of the western Isles.Its oak and the main screen bit should sit on top of...

Single Seater Pew

Ref: 1788

Another pic of a pew thats elsewhere on the site, now waxed.24 inches long by 45 tall and from a church in Leven, Fife....

oak choir stall pew

Ref: 1736

Really nice oak pew, subdivided into individual seats from the front area of a lovely (and grand) church in the east end of Glasgow. we also have some of the pews from this job which are very simple p...

Dennistoun pew

Ref: 1660

I reckon this is the nicest style of pew we've ever had. Lovely colour, fancy ends, just really nice. They came from a nightmare job in Dennistoun though, not helped by that winning combination of me ...


Ref: 1629

Not sure how to describe this. It came from a church in Riddrie, but was originally from another church and was believed to be a couple of hundred years old. The majority of it (like the lions feet) i...

small pitch pine pew

Ref: 1453

Our latest style of pew, shown after all the goo-ey brown varnish has been scrapped off. This one is 4 ft long and has a lovely colour to it. They came from a church in Hamilton and we only have about...

ministers chair

Ref: 1409

Surely every house should have one of these? I have a similar one at my kitchen table and it certainly makes me feel important. Its pine and a really lovely thing and we bought it from a church in all...

Ref: 1249


oak communion table

Ref: 1248

From a large church in Dundee, good solid item with 4 solid sides (they are sometimes open at the back). Not as obviously a religious thing as is sometimes the case. 60 inches wide by 27 deep and 31 h...

another style of pew

Ref: 821

We only ever had half a dozen of this style and I've only just got round to putting one on the website, rather late in the day as we only have 2 or 3 left. This one, which has been cut down to 56 inch...

church pew

Ref: 661

Sample of a new sort of pew we have in. This one has been cut down to 54 inches-they go up to about 10 feet. Pine with a mahogony top rail....

organ bench

Ref: 642

Unusual thing this, an organ bench (hence the extra hieght) which doubles up as a box for your sheet music. Yellow pine. From the east end of Glasgow. NOW SOLD....

early communion table

Ref: 607

We think that this is a very early communion table or altar table. Its made of oak and has some lovely carved bits and pieces on it. There is the remains of some colouring in the carved areas which co...


Ref: 326

Very heavily carved pulpit which we have dismantled into 3 main sections. Made out of yellow pine. NOW SOLD....


Ref: 325

From the same church as the velvet seated screen, fairly impressive piece, a challenge to remove in one section. NOW SOLD....

panels, ministers chair etc

Ref: 323

For the person with a large house who wants to feel important. A large plush velvet seat with two heavily carved panels either side (plus lots of spare bits). Originally from behind a pulpit, which we...

carved wood organ screen

Ref: 322

We have 3 sections of this at the moment, from a small private chapel. One or two of the wood pipes are missing, but the whole thing is beutifully painted. NOW SOLD....


Ref: 303

Nice little font in pine with carving all around the body and a carved eagle on the front. NOW SOLD....

Yellow Pine Pew

Ref: 206

A shortened pine yellow pew, prior to being sanded down and waxed. An Ideal Christmas Present! This style is now sold out....

Church chair

Ref: 137

Church chair in oak from 1870's church, see also oak bench from same. NOW SOLD....

Ref: 130

Oak bench from a church of around 1870. Quite high as it was the organist's. NOW SOLD....

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