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Alabaster pot

Ref: 2691

This was actually my grand mothers, who was a sculptor and professional flower arranger back in the '30's-'50's and she used to pick these things up for her work, usually in the markets around Pettyco...

Old school desks

Ref: 2586

These are the 6 surviving desks from the old Nitshill primary school. Long abandoned in an upstairs cupboard, a bit dirty and needing a bit of TLC, but if we've bought them then we think they m...


Ref: 2578

Not sure what these were but they came from a farm where they may have been for marking out plots ? Anyway, I love the earl font. Double sided on metal and we have quite a few of them....

Griddles griddles griddles

Ref: 2345

No pots, no kettles, just a whole pile of old griddles from a job. Big, small and all pretty old, we thought they'd make a nice display....

Teak worktops

Ref: 2333

We hardly ever see this stuff now, but we've just done a job where we've managed to get half a dozen teak worktops, and some of them are a fair size (which I will list later). Not much in the way of t...

Moulds for a canon

Ref: 2328

Probably the only ones for sale in the country, and as good to look at as a lot of artwork, castings for a canon, carved timber. We also have the former or mould for the inside tube-ey bit. The...

Servants indicator

Ref: 2261

We see these from time to time, this is a fairly typical example made by a Glasgow company for a house with 3 bedrooms. when a bell or button was rung, an electrical current made one of the little sta...

Folding iron gate

Ref: 2208

Such a nice thing, and a work of art really. This gate folds away to be less than 10 inches wide and yet folds out, oh so easily, to be 59 inches wide (5ft) and at 67 tall its a fair old size. Lots of...

Several boxes of old bottles

Ref: 2154

We must have about a hundred of these. We came across them in a basement and they appear to be a fairly random selection of re-used old bottles (some are old milk bottles, others are Kilner jars, but ...

metal fans

Ref: 2114

Alas already sold, but well worth putting a pic up, for folk to see. I think they're off to an industrial themed night club in Edinburgh....


Ref: 2107

Despite its (treated) wormy central spar, this is still a good tough old trolley made by the one and only 'Slingsby'. It has M.O.W stamped on the sides which I assume is for the Ministry of work?...

Vintage metal cabinets

Ref: 2103

From a factory in Edinburgh, nice couple of old cabinets (30 inches wide by 18 deep and 6 feet tall ). One looks a little older than the other and has a nicer handle and more prominent butt hinges (th...

tressle/table base

Ref: 2101

Ah, a sad tale. This is the old base of the mixing mechanism from the company that used to make all the shellac we use. The place has only been going for a hundred years or so, and now its to be demol...

Shoe rack bench things

Ref: 2076

No prizes for guessing we've recently stripped out a school. We have about 8 of these pine benches dating to about 1920-30 in the following lengths; 73 inches,89,90,91,93 and 128, all approx as some h...

large slab of mahogany

Ref: 2045

Very occasionally we do a job and come across a relic like this. Its a single plank of mahogany measuring 155 inches long (almost 15 feet) by 28 wide and a chunky 1.5 thick. We've been working clearin...

pitch pine pillasters/columns

Ref: 2027

5 lovely pitch pine columns dating back to about 1902, so not quite Victorian, and we might be able to get a 6th later. They are pretty tall at 126 inches and we have various spare bits to patch up wh...

large bottle

Ref: 2004

We used to call these 'acid jars' as they were sometimes used to transport noxious chemicals about, often by bicycle!, hence the protective metal cage and the straw packing. But, they were also used f...

horror heads

Ref: 2003

Should of had these up for halloween. Looking more frightening when dusty and decrepit than when new. Gas masks for babies, I think....

filing cabinet box things

Ref: 2001

Not our usual type of thing, but I rather liked them. We have about 30 of these left from an old government building and I reckon they must be a good 50 or 60 years old. most of them are 10.5 inches w...

saddle rack

Ref: 1993

We managed to save a couple of these from an old farm that was coming down recently. A great talking point and aesthetic thing to look at, ...

old mahogany planks/counters

Ref: 1979

These came from an old joiners shop outside Edinburgh recently which was a fun job to be on. The place had been going for over 100 years, in fact some of the old doors had graffiti dating to 1906, and...

milk churns

Ref: 1975

Typical of me, by the time I've got round to putting these onto the website there are only a couple left, and one of those has a handle missing. Its only when we came across a batch of these that I re...

machine, bell tower?

Ref: 1942

Well, your guess is as good as mine. Chunky machine with what I can only guess is the remains of a mechanism for a clock or bell tower. It has a rather worn brass plaque with a company name, brass fou...

Large old clock face

Ref: 1881

Old cast iron clock faces (one now sold). The sort of thing that would have once graced a church. We got them, in a round about way from a pub in the east end where they had been on the wall for years...

Wooden Ladder

Ref: 1825

We bought 2 or 3 of these treacly long ladders from an old factory a few weeks ago, beautifully made and between 128 and 184 inches long, which is huge....

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