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Armorial window

Ref: 2360

We have a couple of these rather older than usual windows, from a hallway we believe. Painted coat of arms to the centre and really very nice corner pieces of painted glass. I would be tempted to remo...

Butterfly glass

Ref: 2205

We have about a dozen of these in at the moment (jan 2017) but please give us a phone to check we still have them as, being a small company, we don't update the website daily-sometimes barely weekly.<...

Shakespeare glass

Ref: 2102

In deed, verily tis good fortune to come across this piece of glass during the anniversary of the good mans birth (or is it his death?). It originated in a bank in Newcastle and looks as if it ...

large panel of leaded glass

Ref: 1965

lovely panel of glass, a good size for a door (31.75 x 43.5 inches) which we bought from a large house in the south side of edinburgh. It had been a roof light and was pretty grubby, but its one of th...

Painted glass panels

Ref: 1777

We have just bought 5 of these painted panels which have been stored in a loft for many years, which is why the green bits, whichusually fade, are still such a vibrant colour.3 of the bits are 25.5 in...

Leaded glass

Ref: 1773


Fancy butterfly motif glass

Ref: 1720

We have quite a few of these at the moment from a house in Rutherglen. Its about as nice a piece of glass as you will see with your Glasgow rose and butterfly. There are various different sizes which ...

Ref: 1081

We have 11 of these which came from a porch that was pulled down a while ago, measuring 17 inches by 50. NOW SOLD....

leaded glass

Ref: 1075

We have 6 pieces of this design in just now in various sizes ranging from 41 inches wide by 32 to 28 x 28 including the frames....

Leaded glass

Ref: 735

About 10 pieces, 30in x 31in, 36in x 31in. In good condition from a house in Shotts. as of May 2009, we only have one piece left...

leaded top sash

Ref: 479

Lovely design, only a couple available. If extended these would make great panels for a vestibule door. 20 1/2" wide by 38" tall. NOW SOLD....

More images of previous

Ref: 292

Just some more pics of the last listing.NOW SOLD....

Hall light

Ref: 291

Magnificent hall light with a knight on horseback with a broken lance on the top. Various signs of the zodiac (but not all of them)around the sides-done in an arts and crafts style. More images on the...

Ref: 204

Leaded glass window. Butterfly pattern. Five available in various sizes. As always ring or email us for more info if interested. NOW SOLD....

Painted Glass single

Ref: 108

Painted glass windows (actually some sort of enamel) Frame sizes 26" wide, 29" high. Frame is about 2" thick all around. 2*single panes & 1 triple for a bay window . NOW SOLD....

Painted glass panel

Ref: 95

Originally placed above an entrance, lovely bright panel in tip top condition. 36in x 16in, including frame. NOW SOLD....

Top sash stained glass panel

Ref: 88

Design featuring the tree of life, some cracks. 48in x 31 1/2in, including frame. NOW SOLD....

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