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Garden railings

Ref: 2608

Something we never see, that old rumour of them all being removed during the war (now about 3 wars ago) but these came, apparently from the old Stobhill hospital and we have about 127 feet of them. Th...

Small garden gate

Ref: 2593

Lovely little gate from East Lothian. Not your usual wrought iron here but a good heavy chunk of metal which is thick enough to be blasted and re painted if required. measuring 39.75 inches wide by 37...

Garden gates

Ref: 2576

Great pair of really heavy garden gates in great condition (one side needs to be re-pinned, thats all) in an art nouveau pattern. Alas a bit too narrow for a modern driveway, partly because mod...

Set of cast iron clothes poles

Ref: 2575

Rare as to get these now, but here we have 4 hens teeth, all complete with all their tie points and not having been cut down at all. I don't think we've had a matching set of 4 in such good con...

More chimney p[ots

Ref: 2497

We always have more/different pots than shown on the website, its just that we don't have time to constantly update the pics, suffice to say that we generally have some in stock but its always worth p...

Cast iron roof finials

Ref: 2493

Nice pair of large 'flag' roof finials, originally part of a set of 4 from the top of a roof which would have been joined to each other by short lengths of fencing, like a small pen. We have the other...

Early Cast Iron Garden Gates

Ref: 2437

Very attractive pair of garden gates in aesthetic style. The more you look at them, the more detail you see. They originally led from a formal terrace into a lower level garden in the grounds of a lar...

Wooden garden gate

Ref: 2335

Only the 3rd one we've ever had, but this used to belong to a cottage attached to the foundry in Edinburgh, and for the last x number of years its been stored in their roof space among with a ton of s...

Handsome square chimney pots

Ref: 2266

4 of these came in last week measuring 34.5 inches high. Bit more unusual and nice dental work under the lip. Where I guess all dental work should be....

Wire mesh or trellis

Ref: 2180

We have several of these, some rectangular and some with a peaked top that were used as protective covers for some church windows. They are nice old examples of the sort of Galvanised wire mesh that u...

Cast iron clothes poles

Ref: 2159

Just a general view of the clothes poles we have in just now (Nov 2016). More than we usually have-partly as they are such a nightmare to dig out of the ground. Great, practical things and when...

Art nouveau cast iron double gates

Ref: 2140

Rare rare rare. Original cast iron gates from the foundry with their original posts. Lovely art nouveau design and they look to be in perfect condition, no cracks or pieces missing, and thats unusual....

Garden edging

Ref: 2138

Me and my middle son had to dig these out from a house about to be pulled down a couple of weeks ago. Never seen ones like them before, a square one (at 6 1/4 inches) and then a fancier one ( at 4 1/2...

Novelty table base

Ref: 2091

I just couldn't leave this behind. Maybe someone could use it as a table base with a slab of slate or something on top. This old stove came from the basement of a shop on Argyll st, measures 27 inches...

low chimney pots

Ref: 2005

Never seen pots like these before, and we were told that they are quite early. We had a dozen of them, but some have sold and they are only 21 inches tall, octagonal and the way they splay out at the ...

coping stones

Ref: 1983

Not what we usually take, but we were on a demolition recently and we had the chance of buying these, and the access was good, so we took them. There are actually 3 types, 2 of which are pretty simila...

Chimney Pots

Ref: 1889

We have about 8 of these nice little pots in at the moment,Measuring about 29-30 inches tall. There is some variance in the styles, but they more or less match.They came from a rush demolition job we ...

rope edging

Ref: 1847

Its been a lean year with regards to having any garden edging, which is why its nice to have this lot in (even though I drove miles and miles in order to get it).There are 2 types here, the more tradi...

Kelvingrove bandstand chairs

Ref: 1815

You may have noticed the refurbishment of the old band stand in Kelvingrove park? Well these were the old chairs they found beneath the stage. They all need a little work, but cleaned up they are love...

very old carved stone signs of the zodiac corbels

Ref: 1798

Not something you see every day. A full set of 12 signs of the zodiac carved onto the faces of some sandstone corbels, each one about a foot deep. really nice things that we really want to sell as a s...

Single Cast Iron Gate

Ref: 1757

Approx. 46.5'' wide & 44'' tall. Lovely heavy gate. There's a slight crack at the bottom of this one. Sorry to be lazy, but as this gate came from the house next door to the previous listing, the same...

stone paving slabs

Ref: 1724

We had to do a rush job on this one, we needed to lift all these after hours from a shop in a pedestrianised street. We got the call at lunchtime last friday, started lifting them at 7 that evening an...

Chimney pots

Ref: 1693

We have 5 of these really nice pots for sale from a house in Coatbridge. They are 36 inches tall and very heavy. They have a few chips around the tops which look worse than they are because they are f...

Chimney Pot

Ref: 1522

Really lovely these & only one left.. 40 inches tall, we were told that they came from a 'Greek Thomson" house in Glasgow that was demolished in the 1960's. Sounds too good to be true, but they...

Stone Balls

Ref: 1517

From the early 1800's, pair of sandstone balls from a pair of gate posts, measuring approx 15 in diam. They have been rendered with a mortar mix to make them smoother which is beginning to come off, b...

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