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Large leather top table

Ref: 2637

From a boardroom I'd guess, though it came from a building associated with linen, so it may have been used for laying out cloth? but then why the leather? probably a boardroom. Oak with a pine undersi...

Stackable glass fronted bookcases

Ref: 2570

Probably from the '30's we have 2 blocks of these, each comprising of 4 units. The glass fronted doors lift up and slide back at the top of each unit if that makes any sense. They are officially bookc...

Small folding tables

Ref: 2569

We have half a dozen of these nice old folding tables measuring 33.75 inches by 15.5. The tops lok to have been given a rather heavy sand and all the legs have flattened sides just to save that extra ...

Large kitchen unit/counter

Ref: 2560

Nice pine counter from a big Victorian detached house by Kirkintilloch. There are also various marble pieces to form a trim around the top. As can be seen, the marble isn't one huge long piece,...

Large kitchen dresser

Ref: 2482

Fresh from a large house on Great Western Rd. A great kitchen dresser in really pretty good condition, and thankfully a bit smaller than the other one listed on the website. Its 77 inches wide and 84 ...

DIY project for a lover of ancient chairs

Ref: 2470

We try not to get involved with anything that needs upholstering, but we came across half a dozen of these (not matching) old Regency mahogany chairs on a job recently and its got to be worth someone ...

Glazed unit

Ref: 2468

Again, a poor pic of whats rather a nice unit we bought from a school in Edinburgh, where my children went to do art for a while, so a cupboard I'm familiar with. Pine with 4 glazed doors. Solid top. ...

Tall kitchen dresser

Ref: 2455

Poor photos of this, its so tall I can't stand far enough back to get a good image, there's just too much stuff in the yard! This great thing came from a large house in Paisley which had been s...

Large ish table

Ref: 2262

Shown just as we got it, and in need of a little cosmetic help, this lovely (potentially) table measures 65 inches long by 36 wide and is 29.5 tall. I think its made of Beech and as its been used in a...

Large heavy workbench table

Ref: 2170

Shown before we managed to get the metal plate off the top, a lovely chunky table from the boiler house of a large institution. It needs a good scrub but its solid as a rock and full of character....

Very long very heavy benches

Ref: 2136

These stuck out of the back of my van a long way, and thats after I'd cut them in half. Amazing rustic benches that could be put back to back to make a giant kitchen island. Hugely thick top and legs....

Pair of green painted school cupboards

Ref: 2133

These don't need to be sold as a pair but if they are to be split up then we will need to do a bit of remedial work to the cornice, but we can do that. They came from a school in Leith and look...


Ref: 2132

Maybe not the oldest thing in the world, from the '50's? but a right sturdy long bench/sideboard/beginnings of a kitchen with a really thick top on it. I think you could chop up dead animals for years...

mahogany top counter/kitchen cupboard

Ref: 2064

Shown here before we cleaned and sanded the top back to its former glory-and it looks wonderful now. This came from a large factory complex way up north and was in the head office. I was by myself and...

Shoe rack

Ref: 2061

Its now been sold, but I thought I ought to share the image anyway.Its a nice enough shoe rack made oh so much more interesting by the addition of a stencilled gold shoe. One of a number of ite...

Skinny cupboard

Ref: 2060

God bless 'em all, the long and the short and the tall-is this the way it should be? or should it be an upright skinny cupboard?...

good big rough sturdy working table

Ref: 1999

Rescued in the nick of time from a demolition up north, this pine table has been used for years as a bench in a groundsmans shed. Its huge, measuring 90 inches long by 36 wide and 30 high, but its alw...

little table

Ref: 1991

Nice little table from a church in Clydebank with unusual knobbly legs. Its had a leaf added at some stage and has a drawer. Sizes to follow. its the table on the right in the image....

the lime green cupboard

Ref: 1936

I really like this. It used to be symmetrical but the left hand end was badly damaged,there used to be another taller section, but I think its more practical this size and shape, and it means we have ...

long skinny cupboard

Ref: 1935

Really nice unit this one. It has a teak top under all that purple paint and is 110 inches long by 15 deep and 40 tall. It had radiator pipes going along the back of it, at the bottom, so there is a c...

Kitchen Dresser

Ref: 1905

Rather large kitchen unit measuring 134 inches long by 20 deep and 36 tall(the base) plus 48inches tall (the top). It came from a huge house on the south side of Glasgow and has consistently ma...

bentwood school chairs

Ref: 1888

We've recently done a job where we bought almost 100 of these chairs, all in really good condition and with their original dark green paintwork. I will try to put up a pic soon of an individual chair....

large kitchen unit

Ref: 1858

Really nice and very heavy kitchen unit we bought last week from an old castle, well, an 1850's mock castle. This was from the main kitchen and would have been used to prepare all the food I guess. It...

Index Drawer Unit

Ref: 1841


English Rose Kitchen

Ref: 1831

Ah, the classic 1950's kitchen. Great set up still with its original paintwork and in really pretty good shape (it was from a grand house on the south side). Made from finest aluminium-apparently from...

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