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We realise that we get many enquires from people outside the central belt of Scotland & so at long last we've taken the lockdown as an opportunity to start putting some of our gargantuan collection online. It’s a huge job, not least because grub screws need to be found, paint stripped, spindles found etc, etc…, but we’ve made a start.

All these are original antique or vintage pieces - no reproductions here!

Many are one off items and once they’re gone that’s it.

Some Examples of Fripperies

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Cast Iron Hat and Coat Hook with Coppery Finish

Ref: 3228

This has a flat shaped upper hook designed for your hat. Gentle curves and a shapely backplate, with a coppery finish. Full length is approximately 11cm and the top hook protrudes around 8.5cm. This l...

Fancy Iron Hat and Coat Hooks

Ref: 3226

These are lovely little hooks, a nice curve to the ends and a shapely backplate, with a more slender profile than some of our other styles. Full length is approximately 11cm and the top hook protrudes...

Original Walnut Bakelite Tulip Handles with Round Collars

Ref: 3223

Original Tulip shaped knobs with round collars in heavy original Bakelite in a warm shade of walnut Bakelite. Very similar to our other Tulip Bakelite handles, just in a slightly warmer shade. ...

Original Round Bakelite Handles

Ref: 3222

Original round knobs with round collars. Knobs are approximately 6.5cm tall and collars are 5.6cm in diameter. This listing is for one pair....

Original Rose Brass Vacant / Engaged Bathroom Lock

Ref: 3198

Far more common to see these in chrome, here we have one in a beautiful coppery brass. Dating from the early 20th century. Over its years of use, some keen polisher has worn away some of the print fro...

Original Pair of Brass Reeded Finger Plates

Ref: 3196

Original reeded brass finger plates with circular central detail. Approximately 27.7cm long by 7.8cm. This listing is for one pair....

Original Victorian Shaped Brass Window Lift

Ref: 3186

Victorian lifts with a pleasing flourish. Lift handle approximately 9.2cm wide and this protrudes around 3.5cm. This listing is for a single pull with screw fixings....

Original Arts and Crafts Style Cast Iron Door Knocker

Ref: 3185

Original large cast iron knocker with a hammered effect on the iron. In a similar style to a couple of our letterboxes. Size approximately 18cm by 8.7cm. This has been stripped to reveal the details i...

Original Vacant / Engaged Chrome Bathroom Lock

Ref: 3176

Early 20th century sliding bathroom lock in chrome. Sign side approximately 5.1cm by 4cm, sliding bolt housing 5.1cm by 3.8cm. Comes complete with screws and keep plate in lovely shiny chrome....

Original Oval Brass Handles with Back Plate

Ref: 3174

Egg shaped brass handles with rectangular backplate. The backplate measures approximately 12.5cm by 5.3cm. ...

Pair of Original Cast Iron Fingerplates

Ref: 3166

Original finger plates with lots of cast detail. Approximately 27.5cm long by 8cm. This listing is for the pair....

Antique Ceramic Cistern Pull Handle

Ref: 3164

An original pull handle, which helpfully says “Pull” on it with a little floral flourish. Would Victorians have been confused as to what to do with a flushing toilet or did they just like stating ...

Antique Brass Sprung Letterbox

Ref: 3162

An original brass sprung letterbox approximately 8in (20.3cm) wide with an opening of around 14.8cm. There's a an area of pitting to the brass on the left hand side, please have a good look at the pic...

Antique Brass Toggle Switch with Black Ceramic Base

Ref: 3159

1 - Way Original Vintage Ceramic & Brass Light Switch Black vitreous ceramic & brass 1-way light switch made in England by Telac. Approx. 2.25in (5.7cm) in diameter and 4.5cm deep. Thes...

Original Vacant / Engaged Chrome Bathroom Lock

Ref: 3156

Early 20th century sliding bathroom lock in chrome. Sign side approximately 5.7cm square, sliding bolt housing 6.2cm by 4.5cm. Comes complete with chrome screws and keep plate, which I forgot to put i...

Original Wooden Bun Handles

Ref: 3143

Shaped bun handles with round wooden collars. The knobs are approximately 2 1/4in (5.5cm) tall, the collars are 2 1/8in (5.5cm) in diameter. This listing is for one pair....

Antique Wooden Beehive Handles With Brass Floral Collars

Ref: 3134

Original "black and blond" beehive handles. These were designed so that all the handles facing a hallway would be the same shade , but different from the handles on the room side of the door. My feeli...

Small Brass Frame

Ref: 3131

Brass frame originally from the end of a pew. This would be screwed onto the pew and you could slip your name / company card into it to designate your personal pew. Outer dimensions approximately 11....

Original Antique Letterbox

Ref: 3127

An original letterbox with "letters" on its flap and a surround of stylised flowers and foliage. Approximately 6.5in (16.4cm) wide with an opening of around 11cm. Complete with the original screw fixi...

Original Cast Iron Large Hat and Coat Hook

Ref: 3113

Single cast iron hook approximately 16cm long and top hook protruding 10cm. Top hook apex slightly flatter to protect your hat. Simple and stylish. This has been rubbed down but not stripped, so can b...

Original Cast Iron Large Hooks with Acorn Tops

Ref: 3112

Large cast iron hat and coat hooks with a classic acorn top. Full length is approximately 17.5cm and the top hook protrudes around 10cm. These have been rubbed down, but not stripped so you can go wit...

Vintage Fancy Escutcheon

Ref: 3096

Vintage escutcheon with flower and bow details, probably 50s, approximately 5.8cm tall....

Victorian Brass Lady Escutcheon

Ref: 3095

Original Victorian escutcheon approximately 5.2m tall complete with fixings. We have a few brass ladies, all similar, but subtly different....

Victorian Brass Beehive Escutcheon

Ref: 3094

Original Victorian Beehive escutcheon approximately 6.3cm tall. We don't see many of these. Complete with fixings....

Victorian Brass Lady Escutcheon

Ref: 3092

Original Victorian escutcheon approximately 5.9cm tall complete with fixings. We have a few brass ladies, all similar, but subtly different....

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