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While most of the pictures below show our fires fully restored, these are only the tip of the iceberg - we have loads awaiting restoration and can dig these out if you are looking for something specific. We have numbers of people who can install them and arrange to get ashpan covers made to fit any fire.

All these fires can be converted to gas, though with some it is a lot easier (a 16" or 18" opening with no fire back is easiest).

Tiles can often be swapped about and we can, if necessary, weld additional metal plates to the faces of the inserts to make them larger.

If a fire here is labelled as 'sold' do still get in touch as we may have other similar ones waiting to be restored.

Stock Archive List | Gallery of Fireplaces - All these items have been sold.

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Tiled combination fire

Ref: 2232

Looks great this does, dating to about 1895 and from a local school-one of the teachers rooms. Lovely crackly tiles (which can be changed if necessary) and a theme of 'plenty' on the facia-fruit on on...

Grand Georgian insert

Ref: 2231

One of the grandest fires we've had for a while, and one of the heaviest. From Edinburgh's New Town, it arrived without its back panel which we've replaced. In the pic you can see odd marks on the bac...

Large square insert

Ref: 2227

While some fires languish in our back room for years awaiting their turn to be restored, some impertinent fires jump the queue as this young fella has. Only a couple of weeks ago it was hiding ...

The most beautiful hob grate

Ref: 2217

Just in and not restored yet, but it's just so lovely I couldn't help but put it on the website. Just flaunting it really, though it will be for sale later. From an amazing house up north. The ...

Very large oak surround

Ref: 2215

Awful pics I'm afraid, not enough room in the warehouse to stand back and take the pic, and it was dark, but it'll do for now. This actually came from a Georgian/early Victorian flat in Edinburghs wes...

Tall oak surround

Ref: 2197

Good turn of the century oak surround now stripped of its dark varnish. At some point someone had cut the feet off it, but kept them, so we've re-attached them, but this will always be a weak point wh...

Wooden surround with tiled insert

Ref: 2122

There's something about these two that I really like. Very attractive surround which I think should remain painted (not sure if it would strip that well), I like the way there are the extra little blo...

Tiled insert

Ref: 2121

Shown prior to us cleaning it up, quite a nice tiled insert we got from a flat off the Great western rd. Officially its a bedroom fire as it only has a 14 inch opening, but its all complete and would ...

Terrific Georgian pine and gesso fire surround

Ref: 2099

One of 4 original pine and gesso surrounds we recently bought which were in storage from an old development on Queen street in Edinburgh's new town, we also bought some of the mangled remains of the b...

Georgian pine and gesso surround

Ref: 2097

The 3rd out of 4 original pine and gesso surrounds that we recently bought from a storage unit where they've lain for many years having originally come from Queen St in Edinburghs new town (apparently...

Plain pine surround and insert

Ref: 2074

Typical simple pine surround which we bough already stripped but looking a little tired-so we intend to give it a good rub down and tidy up the feet shown with a square but decorative insert. The inse...

Massive chunky oak fire

Ref: 2073

We've not restored this yet, so its not looking its best (it needs a shelf and one or two mouldings replaced). Its a really chunky thing full of detail. For some reason it looks like the sort of fire ...

bedroom combination

Ref: 2072

How to sell this one? simple or plain, sounds a bit negative. Try again Attractive fire with clean lines and original back dating to around 1900-10. 12 inch grate. That'll...

Cast iron surround.

Ref: 2069

Just finished doing this one up, poor thing's been languishing in a back room for some years with a broken leg.All fixed now and looking good, in fact perfect for a stove. Its strange to see a cast su...

Pine(?) surround with overmantel mirror and art nouveau tile

Ref: 2048

We have a couple of these (the other is still painted) which date to around the 1890's. I'm not 100% sure they are pine, the wood has a slightly unusual grain to it, but its that general colour. It sh...

Large pine surround

Ref: 2046

One for all you stove lovers. This came from a turn of the century house in Wishaw-where I had to scrabble about in bags of builders rubble looking for a piece of lost moulding (successfully I might a...

Poorly treated mahogany fire surround

Ref: 2041

Its been a lovely fire, from just off Nithsdale Rd on Glasgows south side, and it will be again, but some of the mouldings have come off ( we have almost all of them ) and some fool has repaired it be...

Tiny bedroom insert

Ref: 2036

Veery pretty little insert complete with all its bits and bobs...

Tiled Insert

Ref: 2034

Shown prior to us cleaning it up (and sorting out its damper), a very pretty insert with 4 very detailed tiles showing rather romanticised images of young women working in an idyllic rural setting. ...

Large pine and gesso surround

Ref: 2033

From Edinburgh, this will date from about 1910 and is the sort of fire surround that should be left painted really ( a nightmare to strip, and then they don't really look much better anyway ). In grea...

bedroom tiled combination

Ref: 2021

Pretty little combination that looks like its been removed from its second house in its lifetime as the cement on the back looks quite fresh. Its an original fire though and probably dates to about 19...

bedroom combination

Ref: 2011

My was this rusty when it came in! Sometimes something looks in such a sorry state that it jumps the 'restoration queue' like some kind of lame puppy. But doesn't it look nice now? Good simple ...

grand marble fire

Ref: 2007

This came from a large house down Lanark way and had suffered from having a tiled panel put inside it which broke the inner jambs, so we've had to re-build the legs and the bloke who cuts our slate fo...

red marble surround

Ref: 1998

Lovely clean red(ish) marble surround we recently bought from a job we did in Lockerbie. We don't often see them with the black marble detailing bits on them up here in Glasgow, though I believe its m...

grand arched dark grey marble surround

Ref: 1997

We've actually had this for a long time, but it was in dozens of pieces and a nightmare to set up. It was also looking a bit sorry for itself as it had been lacquered which had reacted with the marble...

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