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Lonely Hot Tap Indice Looking For a Home

Ref: 2829

One single unused tap indice. This is old new stock and has been languishing unloved in storage without a partner for who knows how long. It's clean and petit at approx. just 2/3 in (1.8cm) and...

White Pearlised with Chrome Bar Handles

Ref: 2825

A pair of white pearlised vintage pull handles with chrome bar and feet. Approximately 7in long (17.8cm) and 1.6in (4cm) tall, the chrome feet are 1.5in (3.2cm) in diameter

Vintage White Phenolic Catalin Bakelite Door / Cupboard Hand

Ref: 2823

Pearlised white vintage pull handles with chrome feet. Some loss of chrome on the feet. Approximately 7in long (17.8cm) and 1.5in (3.8cm) tall, the chrome feet are 1.5in (3.2cm) in diam...

Pair of Vintage Original Pearlised Chrome Pull Handles

Ref: 2821

Pair of unusual original vintage door handles, circa 1950s-60s. Chrome base and feet with pinkish marbled / pearlised inset. Approx. 7.1in (18.2cm) long by 1in (2.5cm) wide, 1.6in (4.2c...

Pinkish Brown Vintage Phenolic Catalin Bakelite Door / Cupbo

Ref: 2798

Unusual & hard to describe coloured vintage pull handles with chrome feet. Made in England. Approximately 7in long (17.8cm) and 1.6in (4cm) tall, the chrome feet are 1.5in (3.2cm) in dia...

Vintage Tala Ice Cream Scoop

Ref: 2796

Vintage Tala ice cream scoop, made in England. Lovely wooden handle in blue, it is sturdy and works as it should. ...

Three Vintage Kitchen Utensils

Ref: 2795

Vintage Kitchen Utensils made in England. Wooden handles in a mix of yellow, cream and turquoise with chrome plated ends. Serving fork, spatula and a potato masher. Obviously some...

Caramel Lucite Bar Handles with Chrome

Ref: 2784

A pair of original vintage mid century door handles. Caramel coloured lucite bar handles with a shiny chrome bar and circular chrome feet. Approx. 7in (17.8cm) long, 1....

Vintage Phenolic Black Bar Handles

Ref: 2783

A pair of original vintage mid century door handles. Black bar handles with a circular profile and shiny, circular chrome feet. Approx. 6in (15cm) long, 1.5in (4cm) tal...

Black Bar Handles with a white lucite Pearlised top

Ref: 2782

A pair of original vintage door handles, circa 1960s-70s. Black bar handles with a white pearlised top and circular chrome feet. Approx. 7in (17.8cm) long, 1.5i...

Vintage Black Bar Handles with White Pearlised Lucite Top an

Ref: 2781

A pair of original vintage door handles, circa 1960s-70s. Curved bar handles with circular chrome feet. Black with a white pearlised top. Approx. 6.6in (16.8cm) ...

Ref: 2770

Good sized leaded glass panel from a large church in Kilmarnock, and one of several we currently have (see next item on the site). These all have various religious texts about lambs and stuff. I'm not...

Large piece of leaded glass

Ref: 2769

Originally part of a large window (there would have been 3 or 4 on top of each other making a taller window), rather nice panel featuring flowers etc. Its actually shown on its side, the border with t...

Very fancy combination fire

Ref: 2759

Well you couldn't fit much more decoration onto this one, birds, Grecian type heads, foliage and all sorts of ribbing etc, a truly impressive piece, more a work of art than a fireplace. and probably f...

Pair of fancy fluted ferrous feature radiators

Ref: 2755

Having thought I'd seen every type of radiator made in this country, we've bought 2 batches of types I've never seen before within a month. alas there are only 2 of these beauties, but I've never seen...

White marble fire surround

Ref: 2753

Well, officially not pure white but white with grey veining. Nice condition fire from the south side of Edinburgh dating to the 1880's.The sizes below are for the outside measurements of the surround ...

Stone troughs

Ref: 2725

From a recent foray to the Borders, 2 lovely round troughs, the larger of which is phenomenally heavy, thats the ones with the lovely crystal veins running through it, making the ridges you can see.

About the best retro lights we've had

Ref: 2706

I really really like these and have hung onto them for years trying to think of how I could use them, but I can't and so I'm going to put them out for sale. They look like 1960's Scandinavian lights, ...

Bedroom combination fireplace

Ref: 2696

One of a couple of small fires we've recently restored which would look great as decorative features as they're so pretty. This one really just needs to be screwed to a wall (unless you did want to u...

Large tiled combination

Ref: 2693

Quite a large combination fire which came from an 1860's church recently with a very attractive dragons head on the canopy. 16 inch opening...

Large school/kitchen unit

Ref: 2692

Big oak unit with what looks like a mahogany or teak top from an old school lab. Its big, at 120 inches long, or ten feet and has drawers down the front, the middle ones of which are dummies as there ...

Alabaster pot

Ref: 2691

This was actually my grand mothers, who was a sculptor and professional flower arranger back in the '30's-'50's and she used to pick these things up for her work, usually in the markets around Pettyco...

Railway plan chests

Ref: 2689

Now these are really lovely. 3 sets of plan chests measuring 48 inches wide by 36 high (minus top ) and 39 deep, plus another unit with drawers etc which is longer at 63 inches wide (and alas has a dr...

Ref: 2679

Rather nice light we bought in Edinburgh recently, A brass circular trim with a milk glass bowl suspended inside it which should give a lovely warm glow....

Hall/school cupboards

Ref: 2678

We've just finished a rather rushed job in a school on the east side of the city where, amongst other things we retrieved these 3 cupboards in fetching primary school colours. The red one has a 'blind...

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